Thanks to all who helped...

In the last 4 weeks or so, for anyone who noticed that my I didn’t update after Michael Jacksons death, I’ve received emails and words of encouragement on my email from many people the world over.

This post is essentially to say a big “Thank You” to all.

Just receiving your emails alone was so comforting. I’m going to keep what you said private between us. It really helped. I know I’m doing much better since then.

His death just came as too much of a surprise, and when you a fan from young, you never really stop being a fan. You just reduce your outward appearance, but never disappear.

Again, all the same, thank you all so much.

It’s going to take time this thing, but you’ve all helped me get closer.

PS to all: MJ will be missed

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    MJ had a profound affect on me spiritually and musically. If you go through a lot of his lyrics his message was love and acceptance-for all. Many people only remember the bad but do not remember all the years(25 of them) before the tabloid dramas. I often play Can You Feel It from when he was with the Jacksons to remind me of what's important.

    He's at rest now.


    hi rok, mj has touched many a ppl's life including mine. in all my reiki workshops i use many of his songs especially 'heal the world.' my 2 year old grandson who never knew who mj is, is now doing his songs and his moves. the king of pops lives on.


    Michael is at rest. I suppose its just the shock of it all. I never believed the hype behind all the drama. It's not hard to see that people will want to take advantage of him. Still, having been a fan since 3, it is a loss.

    Innerjourney - Heal the World will always be a mainstay of Michael. He has touched so many lives; I wonder why people dont see that.