Is it right as a spiritualist to want/to be wealthy?

If you’re a true blue spiritualist, then you would have though about this question. More than once. For long periods of time every time.

Perhaps go on to argue with yourself, give up and surrender to the fact that maybe the Universe will present the idea in time.

If you’re unsure, ask any of your spiritualist friends.

We spiritualists tend to have this problem.

We want to lead a more spiritual life. We want to do away with all burden that comes with a fast paced, stress induced, processed food, tv dictating society. We want the all natural life – fresh veggies, peace, a square mile of silence, contemplation.

And well lets face….no desires. It comes with the territory. Anywhere you go, there’s always someone who will spout about the “slow removal of all desires and wants” thru meditation, yoga, energy healing or what not.

We do, because it’s the life we choose.

So how not then, to have spiritualists fight themselves on whether its right to to want/to be rich? We need money to survive, but having a need is what we’re supposed to discard.

So where is the reconciliation here?

Chances are, there will be just as many responses to this as the many people who respond.

Lets face it. You need money. It just goes without saying. You need money. What more in our current economic climate. You can’t help yourself, or anyone, in any good way when you’re rolling on a red line account. What more, isn’t life meant to be abundant in the first place. Meaning therefore money as part of our life should also be in abundance.

If it is wrong, surely God/Universe wouldn’t have created the Law of Attraction to help us lead an abundant life in the first place.

Maybe it’s not the “need” per se. Maybe, and this is just an outlook , it is something else

Maybe it’s the “Obsession” of making money that’s not right.

Perhaps, just perhaps, this is what all the scriptures and teachings speak about. The obsession.

I say obsession simply because in the unhealthy want of something is where we just could get lost in the materialism. Or greed. Or paranoia. Or whatever word that aptly fits.

These are the moments when in the pursuit of what we want, we don’t care what happens to anyone, so long we get our due. Forget family, best friend since age 3, and the whole world. If they can’t help me get what we want; we don’t need them.

Afterall, is not the saying “Obsession can make people do crazy things”?

Maybe also it is because we lose much a rational mind, and rationale thinking, when we become obsessed with what ever it is we’re thinking. And that’s when we really begin to lose sight. Of anything.

Makes sense?

So to answer the question of this post, in my opinion that is, it is ok to be want/to be wealthy. Afterall, life was meant to be abundant. All areas of life that is.

And it will be hard Life to express itself through you if you’re not well financially. So perhaps, it’s ok want/be wealthy.

But to obsess about it - hmm, maybe not.

PS to all: In the next post on this topic, I will look into what is money from spiritual perspective.

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    On September 5, 2009 at 2:21 AM Anonymous said...

    Hey! Long time no...write.
    Ok, I think that spiritually or not, when you're a human, at some point in your life you're going to want to be wealthy. Especially if you don't have very much money in the first place. I don't believe that wealth is bad, I think what people do with their wealth can be bad...or good.
    I'm not nearly as spiritual as some people who are reading your blog, but those are my thoughts on the subject.
    Love, Sara

    On September 5, 2009 at 7:53 AM Anonymous said...

    So long as wealth/money is used and seen by many as a powertool there will be some contraversy and food for thought for spiritual people.


    For me, I think the definition of wealth you're using is too limited. A person can indeed be wealthy and yet be financially poor.


    You have a nice graphic that suits the theme of your topic.

    I was retrenched last year & went through some financial hardships. But, thank God, I got a job early this year. And ever since than, my bills are paid on time.

    Today, I see the same organisation that paid me peanuts have transformed into something quite BIG. And being a small company, I suddenly find myself in a position of career advancement at this point of my Life.

    As a result, I have very little time for myself, my friends, my blog. But, the opportunity presents me earning opportunity that I have missed all of my life.

    So, this thought "Spiritual or Material? - is indeed a valid concern.

    So, what i do is that:
    1. I make it a point to call my friends, relatives or contacts atleast once in 2 months.

    2. I try not to miss my regular Spiritual practice though my practice is shorter duration. So is my sleep.

    You cant have the best of both but you can make the best you can make of both & be happy with it. After all, Material is also important & should not be neglected.

    There must be a Balance in the pursuit of both elements.


    Hello folks,
    Thank you all for the lovely comments. Here I go:
    Sara - Hello small girl. Been awhile since you were here. Don't discount your spiritual side; you're very spiritual in your own way.

    Wildzy - You raise a very interesting point.

    The Rambling Taoist - Nice name, welcome to my blog. So nice to have someone new over. I understand your point; I was going more for the financial-monetary of wealth. I dont want to get stuck on technical details. I'm trying to make this as simple as possible. All the same, thanks for the comment. Come on back now. Happy to have you.

    Mystique Earth - Dude, Im glad you got a job now. Spiritual practises are one thing, keep it.

    Thanks all for the comment. Love to have you here.