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Hello World

Hello World. 

Been awhile since we met. 

Will be back soon. 


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Spiritual Outlets - Maybe not so bad afterall. Maybe.

This is an issue that has me perplexed.

Or maybe, confused. I’m not sure which one.

Lets start at the beginning.

Spiritual outlets were largely unheard in Malaysia. You spiritualist would know them – shops selling crystals, meditation books, peaceful cd’s and what not.

I used to be against all these, for the simple reason being – The commercialization of Spirituality.

The term “spirituality for sale” would just scream at me every time I looked at one of these places. Heaven forbid what I had to endure when I took a step off the cliff of this world and into the the dimension of spiritual retail. What more just looking at it.

And so I was against it. “ You just cant sell spirituality” I used to think.

And this is, as I have said before, spirituality is you. Its a personal thing. It’s what you want it to be. Its what you make it to be. For some people, it painting. Others, meditation and/or hatha yoga. For some others (and lets be open minded here) its sex.

What ever it is that gives you a sense of fulfillment and liberation, its fine. That’s your choice.

What its not is packaged marketing, for sale.

And this, was what I was against.

But as all learning goes, when you can see the various angles, you learn to see a bigger picture.

And that is – Maybe these outlets just really help people find what they are looking for. If a person knows they want something, e.g. a amethyst or lemurian crystal say perhaps, these outlets are there to help get it for them.

Helping people get what they want, yes. Maybe these outlets aren’t there to define what your spirituality should be; merely to help you on your self-defined spiritual journey.

Doesn’t sound so bad now does it? Sounds better doesn’t it?

Or am I reducing/redefining the issue?

Well, that’s another head scratcher. Until I figure that out, I’m going to leave it alone.

So I guess, maybe these outlets were going to happen eventually. As more people begin to accept spirituality in their lives, there was going to be a demand for one thing or another. One that a centralized location could do the work to help you get it.

But I will say this also – Do the outlets define what your spirituality is? No. You define what it is, they get you what you need to do it.

Ps to the people who are following this blog: Thank You, so very much. I'm humbled.

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I think.........therefore......?

There is something to be said about maintaining a spiritual blog I once wrote in one of the posts – It aint easy.

I realize that now, though not fully.

I don’t quite get it, but for some reasons there just doesn’t seem to be many things I am able to blog about. Which is crazy because in the spiritual world, there is just so many things to write.

Afterall, isn’t spirituality a journey. The Spiritual journey as they say? Then there should be many more things to write about.

Which is perhaps the other side of the issue. Since taking up Pranic Healing and being involved in Healing/s, I slowly seeing that the higher I go in my journey, the more philosophical it’s becoming.

I mean this when I say how things related to one another, or how the concept of Form and Substance really does have some implication on how we perceive the world. Perhaps more interesting yet, when we get right down to it, the deeper we go, surely at some point we’re bound to come to a one single point from where everything is then built upon or created on. I mean we have molecules, then atoms, then God knows what...

See the philosophy behind all this? I wonder also if I have just written out a few suggestion for blogposts.

See my dilemma? Any wonder why this blog hasn’t been updated in a while.

I don’t know what to write on.

Which is what I said at the beginning of this post.

So anyway,for the New Year, while I get this mess cleared out and hopefully some ideas along the way, please now feel (very) free to email me any ideas you would like me to blog on. At least, something better than nothing right.

Send emails to – riverofkarma@gmail.com

Am I confused for some reason – Yes. Do I want to get back to some more serious blogging – Even more Yes.

Well then, lets.

PS to all : Happy New Year

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Happy Deepavali

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my readers and everyone a very Happy Deepavali. May God in this festival of lights illuminate your life and that of loved ones.

River of Karma

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(Ducks for cover from objects thrown)

Gosh. How the year has flown by.

What happened? Its already August end. The best of my recollections, New Years was yesterday.

I certainly didn’t aim to leave this blog, yet alone fro long, but somehow its just. Time rolled over and this blog was left empty for no good reason.

Anyway, excuses aside, its time to get back to some writing.

I’m back folks, though I never really left.

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Michael Jackson - 1 year anniversary, 1 year on.

It's now one year since you left us.
And your presence is still missed. Always. Everyday.
Somedays I wish you were still here.
I hope you now have the peace you long for.

1 year on......

We miss you.

Thank you for everything.

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