It's been 2 weeks now....

The last 2 weeks has been a trying one. It’s perhaps the hardest its been in a long time and perhaps also to the level I have wished would come.

It’s now 2 weeks since the man the world, quite literally the world, knows as Michael Jackson passed on. At present the cause is attributed to cardiac arrest, confirmation pending.

The larger than life King of Pop whose own work conveyed more kindness, compassion and love than was afforded to him by the media, public and at sometimes, the world at large.

I get upset when I think about this fact. Caring people with only the intention to give is a dying breed in this world and the one big one we had, we condemned to no end. No, don’t kind yourself, stick and stones maybe break the bones, but words…..they hurt the most.

It’s now 2 weeks since he left us. We now literally live in a world without Michael Jackson. The one person I know off who’s songs is so full of love, they are accepted in every country without any problem.

How many artists in the world can say they’ve done that?

It’s now 2 weeks since he left us.

The man I’ve nearly worshipped since the age of 3. Who’s inspired me not by music or dance, but by his ideals. His principal. His love for a want of a brotherhood of man united despite the differences.

This simple dream; it was us who put every stumbling block and heart wrenching word in his path to realizing it. We gave him pain and torment for a dream we didn’t fully understand, but blamed him for it nonetheless.

And yet it was the lives of people we don’t think about that he still went out to help.

It’s now 2 weeks since he left us.

For me, the words “left” and “us” still hasn’t made contact. But I’m trying.

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    Dear ROK,

    I get what you are saying.... The connection you felt to him. I can't say I felt quite the same connection, but I want to acknowledge your feeling.

    On July 13, I lost a dear online friend. Someone I had never met in person, but interacted with daily on a site for parents of kids in the military.
    She was a giving and loving person.

    The best I can do is just to live a little better in her honor.

    I get what you are saying...