Michael Jackson, 1958 - 2009. RIP

You filled my childhood with joyful memories. You uplifted me when I was down. You entertained me when you danced and sung. You made me realise the importance our love and action towards everyone and everything. I loved you not just for your music, but your ideals. And I still do. Will continue to.

More than all that, you made a difference.

Michael Joseph Jackson, 1958 - 2009. RIP

May God bless you wherever you are and you finally find the peace you deserve.

You will be missed.

Long Live the King

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    He was the King of the pop alright.

    I first saw his video clip of "Beat It" in 1982....and I became an instant fan of his.

    Then came his concert performance in Motown, the number was "Billie Jean". His moves were "fresh". It was one of the best dance moves I've seen. To date, I still get glued to the sofa if I watch him dance for that number.

    And "Thriller". I don't remember how many times I watched that video. But yet, I could not mimick the zombies doing the "break-dancing".

    He was the one who got my stiff leg to move & dance. Soon, I was breakdancing during my teenage time.

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