No post for today

Sorry folks,

In view of work (I’m in the office) and lingering exhaustion since the last few months, my mind isn’t straight enough for me to write a post today.

I’m looking to get some rest and clear my head a little. Public holiday is coming seeing as how the Islamic Aidilfitri celebration are in a few days time.

Yes, I’m eagerly awaiting that one.

Rest ahoy.

PS to everyone: Will conclude the post on dark chakras, promise.

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    Hello...Exhaustion?? Not good... enjoy your bit of rest and I look forward to your next post when you are up to it! If it helps, I feel exhausted a lot as well oh, and do enjoy your celebration that is due in a few days time :)



    Hi Jesse,
    Thanks for stopping by.

    Yea, you know how it it once you start working. Exhaustion and what nots. But I'll be ok. These hols should take care of that.

    I appreciate the concern, I do. It's nice to have kindreds. having a great time too, seeing as how you yourself just returned from a vacation.

    Oh, I'm not muslim, but in Malaysia, the Eid festivities are a national holiday.

    Thanks again, and do come back.


    PS: Jessethecat sounds cute.


    yes, here I am again...ok, and I am glad to hear that you enjoyed some rest, even tgough you are not a Muslim,the holiday period must have given you some time to relax a bit! Malaysia sounds like a nice place...lots of people I meet online are from their and they are always so nice and friendly.Aamazing to say the least.Your site is looking good,I see you do lots of sponsored posts...may I ask who you are writing for?? I cannot load up payperpost with my current isp,it just hangs!! have a good weekend :)