Global Climate Change: It's easy, when EVERYONE gets together.

Bloggers Unite - Blog Action Day

We need to save the Environment! That’s the tagline in today’s world. We are waking up to the repercussions of 3 decades worth of ignorance.

And what are we doing? Switching to energy efficient bulbs.

As great as that may seem, sorry to say, energy efficient bulbs are if anything, only 10% of the problem.

So let me give you the lo-down. The lo-down from someone who works in the “Environment” Industry and sees the issues head on daily.

If you want to save the environment, start by carpooling. Everyone has a carbon footprint, meaning how much carbon dioxide each individual emits. And the biggest miss people make is in not realizing their cars contribute to 80% of their carbon footprint.

The higher the footprint, the higher the CO2 you send to the atmosphere.

Carpool, or take the public transport. It sucks especially public transport which can be oh so cumbersome, but for every CO2 you don’t emit, that one step NOT in the direction of Global Warming.

The second suggestion, is the practice of your individual Rights as a citizen. Factories are the biggest cause of Green House Gasses in the atmosphere, not people. Factories emit anywhere 10 – 50* what a person can achieve in a lifetime.

Push you local councilman to ensure factories go Green, via Carbon Credit Trading or the implementation of ISO 14001. (An Environmental Management based policy).

Also get them to make sure Restaurents, Shops, Retail, Shopping Center, Mechanics to cut down on their Electricity and Water consumption. When one is stopped, the domino is moves all the way backward in the chain of usage and consumption.

An excellent example of this is the Village Green Project.

Because in this one fell swoop, you sever the head of individual global warming.

The other 20% then comes with energy efficient bulbs, cutting down on air-conditioning, *switching off* when necessary.

Why? Because what no one is saying is this – We can’t reverse what has happened.

This is permanent. We can’t go backwards. We can however, stop it now dead in its tracks and hope everything clears up eventually. The Earth has to vacuum more crap than it can at any one time, which is what we see as Global Warming.

But we can do something about it. Together we can, yes, it’s possible.

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