The Shift - Something is happening alright, nobody knows what!

I'm feeling a little dodgy today. It's one of the usual moods I get into when I combine gastronomic expeditions with Socratic like thinking. That's right; I'm working myself both North and South.

Now I've come to love the little Blogrush widget I installed. There's a sizeable number of spiritual blogs out there with gold in each of them. But like an actual precious metal, they're hard to find. Good little blogrush, how I love thee 2 days in.

Trolling that widget in exploration of blogs, I came across "lightsoflove". It's another website that had tried to get people to form a grid for the energy release back on 7th July (777).

I'm okay with the concept of connecting the energies. Heck, I think it's a great idea to connect the energy inside us and help others. I myself initiated one just last week for the people of Burma. More people, better the effect.

So energy grids are good. What, however, captured my attention about this site was when reading one the articles posted on it. I reproduce it here:

"it matters not the technical semantics ... but only to know the shift is occurring .... the alignment is happening with or without your co-operation ... only know that anything that is not in resonance with the coming shift ... will disintegrate ... fall ... and fade away .... nothing will be spared from this transition ..."

Sounds like another channeling? It probably is. But that's not the point.

What interests me is the "shift is occurring" section

This is the second time in 7 months I've come across the term "Shift". The first time was when Vera Nadine answered my email on her blog and I quote "……feeling that something is changing in our world….". (Thanks Vera)

There's that word and there's me feeling like I resonate with it. Why I haven't a clue! All the time I felt something was indeed shifting in this world, I just didn't know I knew it at the time. Until I got my emailed answered, then it dawned on me what I was feeling.

But one crucial question was still left unanswered – What's shifting?

I feel something changing, Vera said it, as did the people at lightsoflove. But no one's saying what.

From what – To what? Are we at the start of it, middle, or tail end?

So far, I've heard these terms – 1) Human Consciousness or 2) Collective Consciousness or 3) Universal Energy or 4) Earth Energy Shift or even 5) Aeon Shift.

Researching the internet thus far has produced one significant detail – 2012. It's repeated on almost every website that speaks of the topic in hand. How the Mayan Calendar cycle ends and starts anew on 2012, bringing with it a shift in humanity.

Spiritually, something is supposed to happen, but no one has a clue. Theories abound with a coming Messiah, Prophet, God-Man, God-Incarnate, yada yada who will yet again bring us out misery and into some sort of salvation.

C. M. Kepler on his blog AeonShift say it differently "To alchemically transform ourselves from "animal-like humans" to "angelic humans" has been spoken of as Humanities Ultimate Ideal for millenia by various mystical, spiritual, and religious sects."

Even Wikipedia has gotten into the act with a rather detailed post of 2012 - "NASA predicts that the Sun will also reverse its own magnetic poles during 2012 as result of reaching the end of the current 11-year sunspot cycle".

All (and I mean ALL) are anything but concrete. Everyone's working on the pre-tense of "should, might, could – happen". No one has so far come out with a definitive answer. Not even channelers – those highly evolved spiritual entities from another dimension can agree on it. Each one has their own cheese, and each one more shocking than before.

Yupz, all the ingredients important to create that dodgy feeling right after work time lunch.

Well, either way you look at it, there's a shift happening in the spectrum right now. I know, I've felt it strongly since the year 2000/01/02.

Shifting to what or whom, now that's a tricky question.

PS to everyone: This is an open invitation for any mystics, clairvoyants, channeler, spirit/angel guide, Energy Healer, Spiritualist, Seeker, Anyone who knows anything significant about the Shift to Guest Post on my blog.

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    I think this video of Adyashanti gives the most interesting perspective on "the shift" I've seen to date ... translation: most corresponds to my own point of view ;)


    Hey Mike,
    Thanks for youtube link. I'm looking into it.