Teachings from the Dark Side of Chakras

I think in my last post, I might not have come off clearly about the 7 seven lower chakras. At some point re-reading it a few days later I realized the post was hanging somewhat towards the end. Instead of ending gracefully it just came to a crash. Which is my fault considering that if I was to write a follow-up post, I should have posted something to the like of "Part 1".

So this is my follow up post. Only this time, as my title says, I'm going to take a look at the two lessons I think 7 lowers shows. Of course in order to do this, I assume you already have read my post on it, else I wouldn't make any sense here.

My post on the Dark chakras was actually meant to show a balance. Why a balance? Because to some degree, a lot of has been written on the 7 higher chakras, the view has become static - Higher, higher and higher - that many it’s easy to miss the big picture.

That being, the negative (lower) emotions can only exist because something allows it to.

You can't have a positive without a negative. Just like that, you can't have good emotions without bad ones. Hence, the dark chakras are just as important to be understood if I’m to show a fuller picture.

I'll start with a question:

If the Anahata Chakra is related to complex emotion, compassion, love then why do we ever feel hate? Or more specifically, how can we? Especially when the chakras are supposed to be "related" to positive emotions. If we only have the good chakras that produce loving feelings, how do we get negative ones.

Surely it has to come from somewhere right?

In this case, it’s the opposite of the seven higher, the 7 lower.

7) Sahasrara
6) Ajna
5) Vissudhi
4) Anahata

1) Atala
2) Vitala
3) Sutala
4) Talatala
5) Rasatala
6) Mahatala
7) Patala

Hope it’s easy to see it. The first thing I got when I understood the dark chakras was that it was the focal point for all lower heavier vibrations/energy. This forms the vital concept that will explain others further down.

If the higher 7 is meant to make you feel uplifted and energized, the lower opposite will suck your energy and leave you spent.

I'll give you an example - Ever been so gosh darn angry at somebody/situation, when you came out of it you were just sapped of any all mental and physical energy?

If yes, then you've got Vitala to thank for that. In charged of the explosive emotion Anger, the dark energy that comes out of this chakra will juice it out of you without mercy. It’s only later you’d realize it because by then, you’d have run out of energy from being sapped by that chakra.

If you think that's something then it's the 2nd point that will open your eyes.

These lower vibrations/energies can be damaging in that it's easy to get stuck in them without ever really understanding why or how to get out of them.

Here's where I get a little scientific. Think like this - If you run electricity through copper cables, you'll get an electrical field around it right? Now, if you run a higher voltage through them, you boost that field and make it stronger. We know because we can measure it using mechanical contraptions.

Right. Now lets apply it here - Every time we allow ourselves to get angry, jealous, violent, we channel our electric (focus) unto those chakras, activating them, making their energies stronger and stronger and stronger until one day we just wonder why the hell we can't seem to control our anger, jealousy, etc etc.

By this time, we might just resign ourselves to our fate or resort to medications that might bring some reprieve. Never really getting that by feeding it, we crystallize its empowerment and let it remain as such.

Yet the same holds true for if you channel to the higher chakras - You find yourself naturally patient, naturally giving, naturally ahimsa as if its just who you are.

In a manner of speaking, this could be underlying reason why Hindu Gurus and others like Buddha have through the centuries said "We need to transcend the negative emotions". Note the words – Transcend, negative emotions.

Hence my other point about balance. By understanding the nature of all 14 chakras from the crown of head to sole of feet, it makes understanding why *we are* easier, the

If we don't channel feed to the dark chakras, we are free to route that same energy to be channeled into the higher chakras. From there, we then vibrate stronger, higher, better and constantly feel happier for it.

Now isn't that just what we all want.

My next post on this topic - I explain one exercise that has so far helped me to rise above the lower and explain briefly why the typical suggestions by others can be confusing.

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