Dark Side of Chakras - The 7 Lower

Before I start, I would like to explain that this post isn’t related to wearing big dark costumes, deep baritone voices, star cruises, telepathy or big red laser swords all as seen in a 6-part cinema released movie. (Of which the most recent 3 was an utter and absolute disaster, but I digress)

Now that we got that out of the way on with the post….

Have you ever wondered something unique about the chakras – Since each one is supposed to be responsible for the positive feelings like patience, empathy even the psychic powers, where does the negative feelings come from?

You know the ones – Anger, jealousy and materialism. The usual culprits whose appearance inevitably lands us in some trouble in one form or another. Yeah, the same emotions Sages through out the years have said we should transcend above.

Ever wondered how, if the 7 chakras are responsible for the good stuff, are we plagued with these toxic vibration emotions?

Well, I’m here to give you the answer (else why would I write this post) - The 7 lower chakras.

This requires a little explanation. According to scriptural reference*, we are said to have in total 108 chakras. From which there are 14 main ones – 7 major, 7 minor.

While most people today are well educated on the precepts Higher chakras, many are unaware of the existence of its lower counterparts.

(So unaware that there was only one place that had the information during my research, The Himalayan Academy. Source of pic too)

Just like Mooladhara, Svadhisthana and the others, the lower chakras also correspond to certain body parts running from the Hips down to the soles of the feet. Energetically however, they are the mirror opposite.

Think same energy but reverse the polarity. And you get the lower chakras.

List below:
  1. Atala: The first lower chakra, located at the hips, governs the state of mind called fear, which is truly a bottomless abyss. Someone in this consciousness fears death, fears life, even fears God and other people. This center is also the home of lust and promiscuity.
  2. Vitala: Here anger predominates, and burning resentment. Anger comes from despair, confusion, frustration or lack of understanding. People in the consciousness of this chakra, centered in the thigh, are always wrathful, mad at the world, even angry at God.
  3. Sutala: This chakra, found in the knees, governs jealousy, wanting what one can't have. Jealousy is a feeling of inadequacy, inferiority and helplessness. People in sutala consciousness covet everything, often deny the existence of God and are contentiously.
  4. Talatala: Prolonged confusion dominates here, giving rise to instinctive willfulness: to get rather than to give, to push around and pursue materialistic advancement over all else. Greed and deceit prevail in this dog-eat-dog state of mind.
  5. Rasatala: This chakra of the ankles in the true home of the animal nature. Unmitigated selfishness prevails, of the seeing to the well-being of "number one" first. Jealousy, anger and fear are intense, even in high states of consciousness.
  6. Mahatala: This is the realm of consciousles-ness, or inner blindness to the effect of one's actions, of negativity and deep depression. Those living in this chakra of the feet steal free, taking what they justify as theirs anyway, feeling the world "owes them a living."
  7. Patala: Here, in the soles of the feet, is the abode of the destructiveness, revenge, murder and hatred expressed through harming the properties, minds, emotions and bodies of others. Reason seldom achieves this state of mind.


The point of this post is not to emphasize the negativity. Far from it, I actually aim to show a balance. This is the Yin and Yang of the energy inside us. Think about it - where there are 7 higher chakras, there for certain should be a lower to counter.

With the above mentioned definitions, is it now clear why the Gurus have said“You need to rise above negative emotions”?

Because in order for us to graduate to higher vibrations, we first have to ensure we can get away from the gravitational pull of one/few/all of these chakras.

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