The Human Spirit...

For those who visited this blog, you would have noticed I was away for quite a length of time. As I described in my last post, I was part of a team responsible for setting up the whole thing.

That of course, is the reason why I was away in the first place. No, It’s not “Climbing Everest” hard. It’s easier than that of course. But calling Mr/Ms/Mrs. So so and going “Would you like to attend?”, or folding brochures in the hundreds or being at the venue to make sure booths are moving or sponsors ads are in place isn’t cup-cake baking either. It’s taxing.

One thing though, you come out the other end feeling the better.

But you know, I saw something that day. Something I’ve always known, but in a way never realized.

I saw how beautiful the Human Spirit could be. Or rightly so, Is.

Now, I’ve always known this. Nothing new, really.

But change the circumstance surrounding a point, and you see something completely new.

What do I mean? I’ll go back a little.

Leading up to the conference – Bitching, cursing, swearing, back-stabbing, blame throwing, “ How I hate….”, “ So so is just an...”, “You can’t find any the dumber an idiot!”. Any and everything wrong about any language would come out.

Not hard to imagine. We’ve all been here at some point.

On that day, it’s different – Everybody just shuts up, gets into gear and moves into position of work. No more cursing, back stabbing. At some points, even no talking.

Everybody just knew. All hands on deck.

In my position, that’s when you see it. A certain glow, bond, connection, (whatever), that resonates, vibrates and pervades. Everyone’s connected in a way.

I’ve seen it before. This time, it’s different.

Why? No one’s bitching.


If that’s the Human Spirit, it certainly explains why we feel hit when a tsunami hits half a world away. One man down, all men down I suppose.

Like I said, it’s unique. And it was, really.

Think about it. It doesn’t exist. You can’t touch, feel, measure, taste see. Yet, at the right moments, it connects us in a way not possibly thought.

Instantaneously, we become one (sort of) family. Makes you wonder doesn’t it – Inside all of, we’re all just a bunch of sweet hearted school kids. At least, that’s what I saw.

Have you?

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