Hey ho......

Howdy folks. Lang zeit nich sehen, as the Germans goes.( I so have to work on that). I trust everyone has been keeping well over the last few months.

And hopefully, getting enough sleep too. Cos I know I didn’t.

Here’s a tip – Running a conference the second time isn’t as hard as it was the first. Its just isn’t any easier either. The “Tested on all Levels” still happens and you lose more than your fair share of beauty sleep.

Still, you know what's the best part - I get to go back to the office and do work. Great huh.

Wait wait, that didn't come out right.

Anyway, I'm back. Thanks Jess for the comment on my last post, and I'll start posting soon.

PS to Vera: Congrats on the new site.

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    Sleep is so important! Not talking about BED HUGS yet! ;D

    Thanks for the adding. I will add yours to mine too soon.


    Yea Lansy, Bed Hugs. Can't forget them now.

    And hey, we're now linked.