My 15 things blog meme

I was pleasantly surprise when I found that I got tagged by Sharina for a blog meme. That Ms. Squeezable Cheeks really can be something.

Just like my partner before me, I've been tagged to spill the beans on the 15 things I want to do before I die.

What a thought? This was certainly not something I would sit down and wrack my gray matter on. In fact, it took me nearly 3 hours to fulfill this list. Imagine that.

In the end, I have decided to accept her tag. It was nice on her part. However, there are somethings thought which I cannot tell, sorry guys it’s just too personal. Otherwise, here goes.

(This is also double posted on my other blog)

In no particular Order (Except no. 1)

1. A worry-less life for my mom.
2. Swim with the denizens of the oceans. Especially Whales and Dolphins
3. Meet my Guru.
4. Learn an Energy Healing Modality
5. Learn as many languages as I possible can
6. Visit Alaska to catch the Aurora Borealis, falling icebergs and the wildlife.
7. Visit a minimum of 1 country per continent. Backpacking allowed.
8. Earn enough so I give back 10% to religion/charity
9. Do my bid to save the environment from further degradation
10. Get published
11. Stop working in the “System” and have money work for me.
12. Become an Orchestra conductor. Or conduct a piece at least.
13. Buy an animal and release them into the wild.
14. Get more sleep.
15. Pinch Sharinas’ cheeks. Then run like hell.

I hereby decree you to be Tagged:
1) Vera Nadine
2) Kara Leah
3) The Absent Mind
4) Emmanuel

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    A couple of thoughts spring to mind when I read your list...

    Many of these things are possible now, in some way, shape or form for you... so what's stopping you from doing them NOW?

    Because now is all we have - the future never arrives...

    Here's my 2 cents.

    You have already met your Guru - she lives inside your heart.

    You already earn enough to give back... tithing does not have to be only money, time is also a valuable resource to tithe... and when you tithe, you show your faith in your abundant existance in an abundant universe.

    You are already published - on this blog!

    You stop working in the 'system' when you realise that the 'system' is merely a mental construct or perception of your current job...

    And as we are each mirrors for each other... these are probably the four pieces of advice I needed to write to myself... to tell myself, so thank you for allowing me to see my Self on your blog...

    Much joy,

    (And thank you for tagging me... watch out for my post...)


    Kara Leah,
    Thank you for accepting my tag and your kind responses.

    You asked good, pertinent questions. And given me facts to think about.

    1) Can to you explain on your Guru comment?

    2)You're right. Tithing is given in many forms, time as well. Thank you for pointing that to me.

    3)Published - Heh. I have to admit. I've worked with a byline print for so long, my head is still wrapped around publishing being the whole traditional book n print publishing. My bad, I should have said to get a book published.

    4) Your point on "System" interests me. Can you get back to me on what you mean cos I didn't get it straight away.

    Kara Leah, in such simple comments, you've given this meme alot of meaning.

    Thank you.


    Hey RoK,

    Yes, I can.

    1. You are your own Guru. Ultimately you KNOW it all. All there is to be known... It's just stripping off all the unnecessary and getting down to the bare essentials.

    I would ask you - Why do you seek a guru? What is it you want from this person?

    2. Yep - we often give without realising it... or restrict our opportunities to give by thinking it 'has to be' a certin way.

    3.Read what you wrote here - you are not bad (and I know that is just a turn of phrase... but words are powerful, that is where creation starts).

    And shoulda coulda woulda... there is no SHOULD. To say SHOULD is to judge oneself... your list was perfect, for you, right now. But that doesn't mean you can't use it to 'see' yourself. If you wish to publish... you COULD get specific. Be detailed. State EXACTLY what you want.

    "I want to publish a non-fiction book printed in 10 languages that sells 100,000 copies plus and makes the New York bestseller list."


    'I want to sell a book with a small print run that sells out via word of mouth and builds slowly, eventually becoming a cult classic.'

    the detail is not to restrict the universe, but to get CLEAR about what you want, because then the steps you need to take to achieve that goal also become CLEAR.

    4. What is the system? It is a label we place on our perception of the way the world works. The implication in our use of this word is that it is 'bad'. It is not bad - it simply is what it is.

    When you dismantle your judgement of what is - ie. the system, you dismantle the very system itself. Therefore the power to free yourself from 'the system' lies within you.

    Oh, and it would be great if you added a subscribe to comments feature, so then I could get your reply automatically delivered to my inbox!

    Feel free to ask more questions, I'm quite happy to answer them.

    But remember, I don't know anything. All I can offer is my perception. It is you that must decide what resonates with you. Do not accept anything I say. Ask your own guru - that one that lives inside your heart.

    She has all the answers anyway.

    Much joy,


    what are your writing about? have you thought about self-publishing? you can do that now in, but you would have to market the book yourself of course :)

    On July 5, 2007 at 3:32 PM Hijackqueen said...

    Thanks for dropping by my blog. Ah... now I learn 15 things about you.