Please people......Karma isn't out to get you!

I’ve noticed on many blogs I come across, be it spiritual and/or non, many attribute changes in their lives to Karma. Significant events like break-ups, financial problems, or the works, you name it, all Karma.

I suppose it brings a certain degree of joy. My point of view has always been that the more people inviting spirituality is a good sign of progress in the collective consciousness of humanity.

Still the problem with these same blogs for the most part is they have a tendency of associating only the "Unfavorable" incidents on Karma.

Quotes like "How Karma got me good!" or "I suppose it was Karma!" or "What can I say – It was Karma!" is more often prevalent.

Before I go on with this post, let me clarify one point lest I get misunderstood – I totally understand why people would choose to associate any unpleasant events with Karma. It's always good to know, and easier to accept, when we believe in the reasoning that we’ve come full circle and paying for something we’ve done in the past. I get it; believe me I do.

Truth be told, when you get right down to it, that's probably the reason why things ever happen to us.

But people for some reason seem to think that Karma is *only* responsible for the bad things is life. That it’s our ever-loving friend just popping by when the scales fall more on that side.

Here is where I have to say, that's not true.

Karma isn't some little critter just waiting for you to make a mistake so it can land uppercut. It's not an evil little angel hiding behind that bush with an arrow aimed dead center to bring nothing but unhappiness into our lives.

Karma is, if anything, Neutral.

I know that sounds like quite a leap. Maybe even a far-fetched idea. But really, if you look at the picture whole, it makes sense.

By now, I think many people the world over have come to know the basic premise of Karma. Good Karma for all goodness and kindness you've shown. Bad for the opposite.

Which means, other than couriering a large package problems, you’re also going to get a large package of great, happiness inducing luck.

You got that person to out on a date with you – Good Karma. You meet an old friend and get treated to dinner – Good Karma. You reached a point of note in your meditations – Good Karma.

You hit the jackpot and won the 100 mill – Then I’m jealous of you, but that’s Good Karma too.

See, it works both ways. And sometimes, after a dose of sunshine, in comes the sudden storm and we lose what we received. (Thought not necessarily in this order)

This happen because - Karma has to ensure the scales are always balanced. Always. And to achieve some degree of equilibrium, we have to experience them in order to burn them and bring the scales into level.

One other vital reason – Because there’s a lesson in every situation. The importance as to why we should know what we need to know at the time it happens. Which better way to learn a lesson than to go through it yourself.

Sometimes the message is obvious, other times subtle. Still, if the teachings is extracted and understood properly, easy to see that there isn’t much need to worry because in a spiritual way, you’ve matured.

So for all of this to happen, we have to go thru our karmic seeds. Good and Bad. One at a time.

I’ve now come to believe people the world over know this. Yet it sometimes perplexes me how rare it is to see or hear of people going "That's Good Karma for you!' or "Oh how Karma has treated me well".

Maybe people don’t realize it at that time as they feel un-empowered when facing a large, stiff problem. Maybe.

But it still doesn’t change that Karma isn’t out to get us; merely a friend who’s saying “Hey, let me teach you something!”

PS: I realise how comical it is to use smileys, but it was the best I could think of for a visual rep.

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    I agree with your explanation of Karma. It is not someone sitting there with a whip ready to whack us when we fall short. Karma is a Law of Nature. "As you sow, So shall you reap." It is in this way that life can be in a state of balance for all.

    By the way, I have tagged your good blog in my site. How about exchanging links?

    WaterLearner (Singapore)

    On June 22, 2007 at 1:59 AM Anonymous said...

    I extracted this statement about karma from wikipedia ( i know that wiki is compiled by contributors..blah.blah..but i believe this particular statement is true)

    ''Other Niyama Dharmas
    In Buddhism, karma is not the only cause of anything that happens. The following are the five "Niyama Dharma" that cause effects.

    Karma Niyama — Consequences of one's actions
    Dhamma Niyama — Laws of nature
    Irthu Niyama — Seasonal changes and climate
    Biija Niyama — Genetic inheritance
    Chitta Niyama — Will of mind
    The last four cover "conditions" or "circumstances" in which karmic potential can ripen as result.''

    Seems like people only know about karma and they don't know about all the other conditions. As a result, a lot of people mistake karma as the effect.


    Hey there,
    Sorry it took me so long to respond. Been stocked up with work.

    Water Learner - Reap-Sow. Karma works as such. Like I said, many people seem to think karma is inclined to unfavorable only, and that's not right.

    Anonymous - Thanks for the lesson. Good to know the Buddhist point of view.

    On June 26, 2007 at 1:00 AM Rodrigo said...

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    Thankies dropping by, River of Karma. Fascinated site with lots to read. :)

    From your point of view, I love to tag you to join my Let go meme to voice your own.



    Hi Lansy,
    I hope PPP works out well for you like it has others. I'll be signing up for it later.

    Sure, I'd love to be a part of your tag. What's it about?


    A good informative post.
    Good luck.


    I agree with your assessment of karma being good as well as bad. And I agree that it is really neither. Some people use karma as a scapegoat so that they don't have to accept responsibility for what they are creating in their lives. My belief is that we are all co-creators with God. Our lives are what we create them to be with our thoughts, words and deeds. Have a glorious day.