Angel Guides : A brief explanation - Vera answers (Part 2)

This is a follow up post to my Angel Guides introduction. In the previous post, I spoke to how everyone has assisting, invisible Angel guides in their life. These guides are there to help us learn karmic lessons so we progress spiritually.

In this post, I ask my blogger friend Vera Nadine to give a low down on the subject. It only took 3 questions for her to succinctly explain the entire subject. She breaks it down very simply, gives a different take on long held believes while shedding light on others. (Thanks Vera)

Vera channels Guides. Her blog is here.

Here goes.

What is the difference between Spirit Guides and Angels?
There really isn't any. It is a questions of semantics. Some people call them guides some people call them angels. I don't believe in angels, I believe in different types of conscious and thinking energy forms. So I say guides. There are also ascended beings who choose to act as guides. Someone else might call them angels but I wouldn't.

We all have two guides - How do we know if they are Angels or Spirits?

First of all this is a falsehood, some of us only ever have one guide, some of us have five or six or seven. There is not set amount. How to tell if they are angels or spirits I do not know. I have one guide that is an ascended being, who some might call an angel. She is stronger than the regular guide, much brighter and more full of light. The ascended ones usually are much more detached in an emotional way. Not that they care less but you never really feel their emotions change. Regular guides are much more human in their speech and their reactions to things, this is because they are generally your own higher self. They still have emotion and show their caring very strongly. Both of these types of guides, contrary to popular belief, have at one time been incarnate as a human.

In some instances, its been noted that there are "full time" and "temporary" guides. What is your opinion on this?

Well I suppose that could be so. I see it more as we each have our permanent guides who stay with us for our life or for year long periods of time, like decades. But, if your guides have opened you up to be a channel, you can get guides who come through you for only one session or for several sessions that deal with a specific topic and then once they have finished passing on their wisdoms, they leave.

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