The Search for Something More

As far as this blog is concerned, the last 3 weeks has moved very fast for me.

Granted I haven’t exactly proven it with postings as such. Certainly a crime I’m guilty no less. However, I speak to a different message and not about my recent lack of time.

When I first conceptualized the idea for this blog up, I had 2 things I knew I wanted for certain – A layout that was peaceful somewhat, and to write about all things new age-spiritual. And that’s where it ended.

What I was to post, or what does a new age blog speak on was going to be one I find out on my own. New age blogs weren’t easy to find and I’ll be going at this playing by ear.

Until of course I stumbled on Vera's blog. What can I say, hers is blogging real estate.

Through her, I was introduced to the world of new age blogging. Kara Leah, Erin Pavlina. Who knew? Who would have known?

So maybe I’m not alone anymore.

Kindred spirits out there who love to help while posting their experience with touch of human individuality. That warm feeling that comes through.

But I’m also aware who they are. Vera channels Spirit Guides, Kara does yoga 6 times a week & meditates, Erin does spiritual readings.

That’s the difference – They’re the pros. I’m the beginner.

Intimidating it can be, Vera’s been kind. To think, huh. A senior accepting a junior.

So maybe I have good help after all. I also think I understand “New Age” blogging a little better now.(some of the fog has lifted) This however also means I’m a little in the distance compared to them.

I would have never thought of some great pieces like Medium Adventures: The Geisha Girl, or Kara’s How to heal your relationship with food. Truth be told, I’m still getting my head around these posts.

And that’s the point I suppose. Learn from the best. I don’t want to be next Vera or K-L, I want to be the first Drifts.

But I think I also get what this blog may mean – As I post stuff to help others on their journey, it’s a guide point of my own. Where I am, and where I’ve come from. The prospect thrills me.

If only I could figure out what “here” means, and where I stand in it.

Well, I suppose its part of the process.

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    First up, I love that image you've used, it definitely fits both of your objectives! Peaceful and spiritual, with an other worldly sense to it...


    It's taken me a long time to get to yoga six times a week, and meditation. Last year it was 3 or 4 times a week and no meditation. The year before I practiced once or twice a week...

    Hang on - that's not really a long time at all... so I guess it doesn't matter where you are, just that you're shooting for something, that you've committed to a journey, because you'll be there before you know it.

    Thank you for your kind words too, not just because it helps readers find my blog, but because it helped me find yours.

    It is hard to find blogs on these topics (I hesitate to use the all-encompassing words new age... it's been new age for too long. Old age?)

    By connecting to each other, like you've just connected us to you, we strengthen the community and gather readers with like-souls.

    Blogging is a constant discovery of voice, as it changes as you change. And the beauty of it is your readers come along with you...

    I look forward to reading more of your work.

    Much joy,

    On May 22, 2007 at 7:05 PM Vera Nadine said...

    Very great way to introduce yourself to the rest of the crew Drifts.

    Email me and we'll start a back and forth conversation about the whole "new-age" blogosphere.

    Can't wait to see what beautiful things you come up with next!

    Blessings On Your Journey,
    Vera Nadine


    Hi Drifts,

    Welcome to the virtual sanga/community. It's great to connect with other like minded spiritual people out in this crazy world in which we live.

    I look forward to watching your story unfold.



    Welcome ... the only advice I can give is to just follow your Heart. The rest will take care of itself.

    In peace,


    Sorry for the late reply guys, was a little backed up. Here comes my long reply.

    Truly, I'm taken a back. To have Kara, Vera, Wade and Mike all comment on my blog is nothing short of great fortune. Good Karma folks. I must have done something right because honestly, I thought this post was not going to generate interest one bit. Vera, I see what you meant in your blog.

    You 4 are the celebrities of New Age blogging-dom, so no shock how thrilled I am at this.

    Kara - As of late, I have been feeling like I'm shooting for something, just unsure what "it" means.

    Maybe you've found yours thru your practices I don’t know. What does seem apparent is the gradual change you've seen that gives you the experience and touch to connect with your readers on a human level. Hence one reason why you’re “healing with food” post struck a cord with many people – it spoke on a wavelength that made sense.

    This is a skill you, and every one else, possess.

    In regards to the term “New Age”, I agree with you. I don’t subscribe to labels as they tend to restrict definitions while inducing judgments. But I used it as introduction. Will look for something better.

    “By connecting to each other, like you've just connected us to you, we strengthen the community and gather readers with like-souls.”

    I didn’t think of it that way I admit, but you’re right. One of benefits of blogging online that we can be proud of– we get to meet more people this way thus expanding the community.

    And thank you on the picture. Searching through Google, kind of felt like I was supposed to find it. Just lucky I suppose.

    Vera – Since the start, you’ve been there to support and encourage me to keep going. Offering me help in form or another. Even when I thought less of my post, trust Vera to be the light of it. See, you just don’t get friends like that these days.

    And yes, I’ll be emailing you soon. What you proposed really sounds interesting.

    Matt/Wade – Thank you for the welcome note. I’ve been following your blogs and you know what works. We’ll be seeing each other more often.

    To all, your encouragement is appreciated. I intent to achieve what you have done which is to carve out a little piece of the internet on my own. Like I said (slightly unclear admittedly), I’m River of Karma and I would like to be the first Drifts.

    Thanks guys. I know I’ll get there, with a little help from my friends.

    River of Karma