Angel Guides - A brief explanation (Part 1)

A few years back, my friend and fellow lightworker, KB, in a conversation with me on all things spiritual introduced me to the concepts of Angel Guides.

"It's not a fairy tale. We all have guides in our lives. They are constantly around us to help us in our spiritual evolution!"

If there ever was one thing consistent about my good friend, I daresay it's that every conversation with him was an adventure on its own. But I digress. This post is meant to be about Guides.

Indeed, this isn't a fairy tale. Move around any spiritualist blog and you'll find that not only is it readily understood, many people accept it. Even attest to it. Some even channel their messages. Very simply, a lot of people are beginning to be open to this concept.

Not at least judging from the results Google returned. It's shocking how pervasive and well accepted the concept is when you see just how many sites are in place discussing this topic

So maybe there is something to all this after all.

Angel guides as it turns out is a concept that been around for quite a bit. So long as Man as looked to the heavens for help and salvation, Angels would be there to follow. However, it seems they have been closer down to earth than even we know. They’re right here with us.

Everyone comes into this world with guides. The general understanding on this is that we have about two guides with us at any one time, until we reach the end of our natural life. These 2 are said to be ones who know us best, who send us messages when they feel the need to, and ensure that as we go through our karma(s), we learn the lessons that comes along with it. From the many documents I've read, these 2 are there either by our own design pre-birth, and/or karmic choices. They stay with us permanently.

Then there are those temporary guides who pop in temporarily during the course of our life time to do the same thing our permanent guides, only they are there for a limited time and move on upon task completion

From research, all guides are there for 2 fundamental reasons 1) To help us during the times of problems in our life so we will learn important karmic lessons which will, 2) Aid in raising our consciousness or spiritual evolution.

While they are not visible, they certainly are there. And they only intent to look after us

Now, there are also Spirit Guides. And search anywhere, you'll find that there is supposed difference.

The difference being - Angel Guides are beings of pure love, knowledge, with higher vibrations and having never really taken a human birth. Spirit guides on the other hand have nearly the same qualities, except for one, they have taken a birth.

Which means they're just like you and me; they have more understanding of emotions and decisions people make. Like and unlike Angels, Spirit Guides are also here to help chosen to us because of our karmic construct and possibly, to fulfill theirs.

While one is heavenly, the other is more closely related to us.

Which ever it is, we always have a guide working with us for our spiritual benefit. I know this first hand. Yes, me the skeptic.

Earlier this year, the decision was left to me to sign the veterinary papers. Because of that, I had to bid goodbye to my best friend of 12 years. Next day during prayer in the temple, I was hugged from behind. I turned around but there wasn’t anyone. I realized instantly.

I remember that day. The hug faint but tangible. The recognizable feeling of a hug, yet it seemed somewhat essence-less. I know, it doesn’t sound right. Still, that which struck me more was that I felt the hug akin to one of those “I’m so sorry. It will be ok!” types.

So I suppose KB was right all. We all do have Angel Guides in our lives. He is one person who will testify to that. I guess I have more adventures coming up in this world.

Guess I should thank my angels for that.

Part 2 – I interview Vera Nadine on this subject. In just 3 questions, she dispels some long held beliefs about the Angel Guides and gives detailed clearer explanations on others. Not to be missed!

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