In the study of Quantum Physics and its many phenomena’s involving particles, there exist one very unique event termed as Entraintment.

From I’ve gathered, Entrainment is the study of particle behavior when in interaction with another particle of either higher frequency or lower.

According to wikipedia, Entrainment is defined as “ the process whereby two interacting oscillating systems, which have different periods when they function independently, assume the same period. The two oscillators may fall into synchrony, but other phase relationships are also possible.”

To cut a complex story simple, what it means is this : When 2 particles of different wave lengths meet and interact, it is found that the particle with the lower wave length begins to change its wave frequency to match that of the other particle.

In a sense, it upgrades itself.

It’s called Entrainment in physics.

In spirituality, it’s called vibration increase.

For anyone who is an energy healer, it wouldn’t be uncommon to say that they literally walk in the energy field. I say this because all, if not most, modalities entail connecting to healing energy that’s around us.

How that relates to Entrainment is very simple if you can see it.

In this process of connection with the said Field, we become filled with higher vibration energies. This has to happen; it has to through us which it then goes out in what we call a healing session.
However what most people don’t know about energy healing is this : As the Healer immerses themselves in the Healing field, this energy fills up our physical body.

It goes into every organ, tissue, muscle, cells and even… our molecules. And as the fill up happens with this higher energy, our lower vibrating molecules come into dancing contact with it.
What results there after is the same the two particles mentioned at the beginning of this article.
And hence begins the purifying process.

Very slowly. Covering everything.

And for certain, very surely.

This has been an area of interest to me for awhile now. The question of what happens to us deep down when we interact with these energies? Deep down. To the building blocks that make us up?

Would there be any changes?

Apparently, there would be.

And the changes are noticeable too.

By changes I mean the dropping of old negative habits and the, very often from nowhere, adoption of new healthier habits like turning to vegetarian or yoga asanas, even meditation. (In fact, this happens in meditation too. Plus something else very unique we found to occur normal meditation which will be revealed in another post)

While I can’t exactly say it with certainty but it seems that habits seem to possess a frequency of its own. And when in contact with higher refined energies, these lower frequencies seem to lose hold and slowly start to drop away.

If this is so, then this would in fact be the very definition of Renunciation.

As Pranic Healers, we see changes in the Aura itself.
For one, the Aura becomes bigger in size. Not withstanding, we find that the Aura becomes refined, lighter, firmer and more flexible. (As GMCKS Pranic Healers, we can also feel the aura)
Somehow, this translates into a change in behavior. At least, what I have come to find through observations.

It makes sense to me in away; as we start to indulge in healthier habits like the aforesaid meditation or yoga, we start to value more the better habits and less the ones that aren’t. Perhaps. And as we continue to do them, we bring in better energy into us.
And as that happens, the good habits purify and the lower negative habits start to lose hold.

This sounds very interesting.

Entrainment is perhaps a very unique event. That the more we do something good, the more it makes us better. Science maybe catching up slowly; but Hindu Yogi's and Swami's knew this thousands of years ago.

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    I don't know about gathering roses but i liked the way you explained things.

    Simply, our vibration improves with the right thinking habits, attitudes & the mode & consistency of our practice in Spirituality.

    Nice post.

    On January 5, 2010 at 12:50 AM Anonymous said...

    I like that. And yes, your experiment did feel like that.
    Love, Sara


    I would like to try the experiment.
    Traci from the empath group.


    Happy New Year All,
    Thanks for the response. This post was unique all unto itself to do; what more some who is reading it.

    Mystique Earth : You're on to something there friend. Don't let it up.

    Sara : Small girl, thank you for the comment. Thank you more for being open to my energy experiments.

    Traci : Been awhile since you dropped by. Drop me an email personally, in case you don't have it, its

    Also, to the anonymous poster, dude, there are more appropriate places on the internet to post x-rated/pornography links. Go there instead.

    Happy New all. Whatever 2009 was, hope 2-10 is better.


    This is interesting. 3 anonymous posts, and all 3 I'm not quite sure what to make of.

    Still, I will oblige:
    Anonymous 1 - Sorry friend, I cant make out what u said. Wana try rephrasing.

    Anonymous 2 - College assignment? Really? Thanks, i suppose.

    and finally, Anonymous no 3 will find his/her post deleted because again, this is not the place to post this kind of things.

    On February 9, 2010 at 5:32 AM Anonymous said...

    Brim over I assent to but I contemplate the list inform should have more info then it has.


    It was a wonderful feeling that help me to change the negative feelings and habits I was getting into.
    Thanks Dinesh!


    On January 8, 2016 at 10:22 PM Bonnie Connelly said...

    I see you wrote this some time ago and I just now, January 2016 am reading it. I came to this from a little book called Think It, Say It, Be It by Carolyn White, and although the book wasn't much to speak of, she introduced Entrainment - and instantly I knew what this was - It was why "Whatever is exposed to light itself becomes light" is true, why it works. Anyway, thank you for the clearer definition and how it relates to healing work. thank you so much...and if you have written more about this please let me know. Love it!