Global Warming is here people. And everyone is affected; no one is safe. But the good thing, this year, Blog Action Day has taken it upon themselves to organise a day to get all bloggers to simultaneously write about this topic and to bring awareness on the hot issue of Global Warming.

Today is that day, 15th October 2009. Today is Blog Action Day. And yours truly is doing hit bit.

There's still time if you want to do it. Just go to Blog Action Day 2009 website , sign up and write on Global Warming.

As for me, this is my contribution.

Few points about Global Warming you probably didn’t know

- Weather has gone up – True. This is self explanatory.

- Earth’s temperature has gone up 10 degrees – False. While different countries will see a change in their own local temperature E.g. Some 2, 3 even 5 degrees, the Earth has gone up……… 0.5 degrees.

- Human Race can die because Global Warming – True. While we may not die today, but if the weather goes up to 3 degrees/above, Human race will cease to exist.

- Ice caps are melting – True. And it’s going faster than you think.

- Petroleum is to be blamed for all of this – Yes and No. Petroleum is a natural substance. Left untouched, it bothers only itself. But it’s the process of digging for oil, refining it, using it in factories and cars, spilling into the ocean, ignited fires from it that’s causing the problem. Essentially, its the Human addiction to Petroleum that’s causing it.

- Changing lightbulbs is enough – No. If those light bulbs could illuminate the world into being more environmentally aware, then fine. Else don’t dream of it.

and finally…..

- The End results of Global Warming is…an Ice Age. – Yes
I will let you folks Google this one up.

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    On October 28, 2009 at 11:28 AM Anonymous said...

    Good tips over there! But you know what most people i know are just lazy to do this. Only thinking of the present too much!


    We got to do teh tarik sometime laa. Been too long since we met. Think panditji misses us :P

    Environmentalism is growing, so its a benchmark in the making in a way. Culture will change, we're on the threshold of that. It will happen, give it time.