Happy 2nd Birthday bloggie.

I just realised that, again, I missed the birthday of this blog. It's 2nd April.

This time, I'm putting out a post. For all my readers - This blog is in part what it is because of your support. Your feedback, and even just reading, is inspiration for me to want to blog more. You don't know how grateful I am for that.

To my bloggie - Sorry for the late wishes. Happy Birthday.


PS to all - Posting resumes soon.

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    RoK, here is a late happy birthday wish for your blog. My blog's second birthday is coming up on June 1. I only realized that recently myself. Times does fly when you are having fun and being creative.


    Happy Blog B'day, ROK.
    You and Your Blog Rock!!


    Happy anniversary! It's great to look back how blogging inspired us to see things differently in life. I'm glad it has become a positive progress for you. Keep up the good work.


    Hi guys
    Patricia - Thats nice to know. Yep time does fly when ur having fun. Or stacked with work. All depends on how u see it.

    Mystique Earth - Thanks man

    Jerine - Thank you. Your comments are appreciated.