Apparently, now Aum isn't Hindu. What's next?

It has come to my attention, quite recently in fact, that apparently now Aum is not part of any religion.

And who is saying this – Yoga Instructors.

You would know them – Most of them are the now famous well being purveyors who supposedly got in the system for the spiritual side, but since seeing the moolah, has sold out the religion that provided them with it. Ah, what money can’t buy!

Can the Hindu religion get ransacked anymore than it is right now, I wonder?

Perhaps yes because at the rate these pirates are going, they’re one step short of actually claiming that the Hindu scriptures aren’t religious, the Hindu way isn’t religious and to clinch it, the Hindu way isn’t Hindu at all. Meaning therefore the philosophies are up for grabs to line their pockets full for the mullahs.

Like I asked, can the Hindu religion get ransacked anymore?

This sudden realization came during one of my yoga classes when a non-Hindu instructor (not that it matters her religion really) openly stated that Aum is the peaceful vibration of the Universe and is not religion?


Who the heck is she kidding?

Yeah, Aum is peaceful vibration of the Universe – As defined in Hindu scriptures. How that does not entail part of religion eludes me.

Keeping in mind, Hinduism is the religion to first introduce Aum. Again, her point goes out the door.

For some reason, its always Hinduism who’s getting ransacked, not any other religions. Stupid cop-outs are used like “Its Vedic” or “Indian texts” or “Brahmanical system” or worse, “Eastern philosophy”. Anything will suffice as long as it doesn’t show any relationship to the religion!

Do you think these clowns would dare say the Hadith is not Islamic, but is Arabic? Or the Genesis is not Biblic but Abrahamanic? Yeah, I’d reckon they get a face full of it.

More than this, my instructor is only a reflection of a bigger problem – Hindu’s are letting this happen.

People won’t take something they’re not allowed to take. Who’s giving the greenlight here? Well no points for guessing right, it’s too obvious.

Anyone who knows me knows how I always say that “Hindu’s need to start getting up and defending their religion!” Being tolerant is one thing, but this “Aum not religion” bit is a far reaching crime of distortion that requires anything but tolerance.

I left that class now having a better idea of the mindset I’m up against. The good thing about knowledge is, lies falter at the sight of it.

Until then……


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    On April 24, 2009 at 3:17 PM Anonymous said...

    dude..u are like super lame..wats with having to classify everything as mine or yours. let people believe wat they want to believe. as long as it allows for more people to enjoy the benefits of yoga itself. stop whining dude because little do they know that yoga is only part of our master plan to takeover the known universe and turn everyone hindu..hahaha


    Hahah.....dude, watever weed ur smoking....pass me some man... :P

    I agree with you man...ppl shld learn yoga. I know from first hand why its good, but is proper referencing of where its from too much to ask? That's all I'm saying, honest.

    You know, I didnt realise the post came of as being classifying, certainly wasn't the aim of it. Thanks for the highlight

    And takeover the universe and turn everyone hindu..What?..seriously...whatever weed u got there, I wana taste of it bro...

    Thanks for dropping by. Come back soon aights.


    Some, pass me the weed. I mean popcorn. lol

    Whatever it is, I don't see why Aum is not religious.

    On April 24, 2009 at 8:48 PM Anonymous said...

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    When Brahman was meditating upon the Supreme Brahman, through Grace there was manifestation within the his heart, the eternal word, "AUM" - the seed of all knowledge and of all thought.

    AUM is made of three syllables. A-Akara~representing the physical plane. U-Ukara~representing the Mental & Astral planes; M-Makara~representing the whole deep sleep state or "Sushupti state" of mind & all that is unknown. The unknown also includes ALL that is beyond the reach of the intellect in the waking state.

    To quote Swami Vivekananda:"The 1st letter "A" is the root sound, the key pronounced without touching any part of the tongue or palate. "M" represents the last sound in the series, being produced by the closed lip. And "U" rolls from the very root to the end of the sounding-board of the mouth. Thus, AUM represents the whole phenomena of of sound producing.

    AUM is indeed a part of Hindu Religion.

    I remember, early this year there was so much brouhaha over who could practice Yoga & who can't. The Government almost wanted to term this practice as "HARAM" for the Muslims of this country.

    Could the Yoga instructor be implying with this in her mind when she was saying that it was Universal?

    Perhaps, you should try ask her to elaborate on her statement, maybe you could get an extended view of her comment.


    Yogajess - Hi there jess, thanks for coming back. Been awhile. Yeah..sure...weed,errr, i mean popcorn for all.

    anon2 - Hi, welcome to the site. I'm glad you dropped by. I'm not sure if you're the same person as anon1, but if you arent, glad ur here. I looked at your website, its a good yoga website. Has some interesting courses. If you have a blog, let me know.

    Mystique earth - that's quite good information. Thanks alot, I'm going to keep that.

    I did approach the instructor afterwards and queried her as to who had informed her of such info. She first said some australians, then the center master all while trying to be as withholding as she possible could. Thats what you get I guess.

    Thank you all for dropping by. Come by again.

    On April 30, 2009 at 4:30 PM Anonymous said...

    I think ur yoga instructor is quite correct..AUM/OM is the primordial sound,and that's it.


    I understand the frustration on your part. This is especially so when the teacher were not able to elaborate on the statement she made when asked so.

    You are most welcome.


    Anonymous 3 - I dont know if you're the same person as the other 2, but doesn't matter. Please share your knowledge on Aum not being Hindu. Perhaps something to consider.

    Mystique Earth - It can be. But it can be expected.


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