(This post is also a follow up to the first post on dis-ease and energy)

Just the other day, I found myself in a unique position.

A close family friend had asked for a healing on a long standing shoulder problem. I was more than happy to oblige, what more as this would be my first shoulder healing and I could use the experience.

As he explained the fall he once had, I began to get an idea how I was to approach this healing because it involved the joint, muscle and nerve that required work. An initial scan of the aura indicated the specific area was in fact, troubled.

“It is going to take awhile for this” I thought, and indeed, it did.

After doing the session with the relevant cleansing and healing procedures, I re-scanned his aura and found it down to the healthy size. Concluding that I had done my job, I proceeded to ask him how he was feeling.

His response “Nope, no difference. It’s still hurting!”

I was shocked. The aura shows one reading, the patient tells another. Now either the patient is lying or there’s something that wasn’t addressed in the healing. An auric re-scan showed health level. Even whipping out my special RoK pendulum made of tissue and thread showed the chakra was rotating in the right direction (I make no bones that I can at times be El Cheapo). So what was the problem here?

Then it hit me – Emotions. I re-scanned the aura again, this time specifically the emotional aura, and there it was, the diseased energy that was plaguing the patient. It was strong, it was for certain high and it was definitely the reason for the pain in his shoulder.

I’m starting to see a lot of this now. People who come for healing on a physical ailment only to find the cause isn’t so much in the physical, but is rooted in the emotional aura. This is a telling statement for spiritualists who can understand it.

The emotional aura, in a nutshell is akin to the *normal* aura of a person. (I use normal descriptively) However, instead of showing the persons energy level, emotional aura is a reflection of a subject’s emotional energy/emotional state. It’s about the same level as the normal aura at its healthiest.

As a rule, Pranic Healers use the normal aura as a baseline comparison when it comes to Emotional Aura. Usually, it’s the same level as the normal aura indicating all is fine.

However the good, problems in the emotions can be a stealthy little critter. Just like in this case where a scan on the normal aura indicated the green light, the problem was lying hidden in the emotions going by undetected. Had it not been for the patient not informing of any change, I wouldn’t have thought to look there.

What I questioned was – Why was it causing the shoulder pain? Just as I asked, the answer hit – Emotion(s) are energy.

After the ton of realization brick had fallen, I began to get a birds eye view of what all this is actually about.

As it stands, emotions, I think, is a form of energy in us. Many call it Energy in Motion as it suits them best. But what I now see is something very very different.

Emotion Energy has properties.

In short, it carries its own energy signature, has a strong or weak frequency, starts off without a charge but overtime develops into either a positive or negative state. If that charge isn’t in congruent with our body aura, then eventually the body attracts events that will befall it or manifests the energy as a physical problem.

Neck problems and knee problems are now prime indicators for me to check on the emotions. In nearly all cases, it has been the jackpot. Knee problems is the work of inflexibility - usually because of some event that took place in ones life the person hasn’t move forward (bending to move forward). Neck problems is also the handywork of inflexibility – the unwillingness to see both sides of an issue.

Another example I’ve been testing is headaches – An issue in presently in your life your fighting or don’t want to accept.

For as wild as this may sound, its not news for anyone in the spiritual industry. True blue spiritualist will oftentimes be heard saying how all things is energy and emotions are just part of that equation.

This has lead to the rise of what is called psychosomatic. The art of physical ailment diagnosis using emotions as the counterpoint instead of MRI’s and X-Rays.

A very good example of psychosomatic is in the book Your can Heal Your Life by Louis Hay. This best seller spiritual book lists out a truckload of problems and their emotional root. The diagnosis above is from this book. It has been *the book* most true spiritualist will already have in their possession. Possibly under lock and key.

As for the family friend, after the re-scan, I swept his negative emotional energy away and healed that place. Because of the strong charge of the emotion, it came back after a day. But the great news was, when it did come back, it was weaker than before that even he noticed. Which means, the healing work. (Yes, it was a self plug)

At least, he’s feeling better and happier for it.

PS to Kelly : Please tell Sara girl she's growing up way too fast.

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    I came over from the empath yahoo group. You hit the nail on the head! And worded it so much better than I have in the past. I had/have back problems that started as physical injury that morphed into emotional/stressful energy that just stayed and agrevated (sp?)! Just in January I had a relapse of a knee problem that was so due to the stress and anxiety in my life (husband and I both lost our jobs in Dec.).
    Great post!

    On March 6, 2009 at 6:48 AM Anonymous said...

    sara girl here. what do you mean growing up too fast?! Bet you didn't even think I'd read this did you? Someone told me today that our emotional self is no different than our physical bodies. That they're almost one in the same. So it's interesting that you wrote about this.


    ROK, the emotional pain came back probably because the client himself hasn't dealt with what caused it. When you eradicate the cause, the pain will go away and stay away. You have to change the patterns that cause the emotional pain.

    The cause of headaches can be said in one word---resistance. This is strictly my opinion with no proof that it is true for anyone but me.

    This is a great article and deals with what all healers need to know. Thanks.




    Hi, I just read this, as a practioner of EFT for the past 7 years and I've always connected the physical pain with an emotional event. It comes out to about 95% success rate.

    I stopped scanning them and posting them but I have around 150 testimonials in the past 2 years. Everyone random strangers I've approached. I'm thinking to now learn pranic healing.