Dis-ease - When the traffic just isn't flowin..

It’s a problem in todays world, this thing we call disease. So widespread it is becoming that it has now graduated into a form of 6 degrees of separation. Look at the people you know, chances are one of them will be suffering from something or rather. If not, someone they know.

Yes folks, life expectancy today have gone up from that of thirty years ago, yet quality of life in those years is anything but quality. Not to be outdone, there seems to be more diseases making either a comeback or an introduction.

Who says time heals all wounds?

I’m not looking to condemn modern medicine. Simply put; that’s not what this post is about. Modern medicine is just that, modern. It’s a modality that looks the physical body in as the cause of the problem. As all things modern go; it just doesn’t fit into spirituality. Again, that’s just medicine.

However, in the world of Spirituality, the outlook is different. The body is not the root of disease; far from it, it’s the last place of manifestation. That is what this post is about.

To start, let’s look at the word disease. For many spiritualist, you’ll oft times hear it as “dis-ease”. Essentially, the dis of ease (more proper is un-ease) or the event of not being in a state of ease. One might recall this as a mention from Bob Proctor in the Secret.

What this speaks to is simple: the physical body is actually a form of divine energy. At its healthiest, energy (chi or prana ) circulation around and in the body is perfect and uninterrupted. However, in the likely event of an obstruction in one of the pathways, meridians or nadi’s, this causes a traffic jam of energy.

Now at first, it’s no biggie. I mean, what’s a small bump in the road huh. But as this point of “traffic” becomes stronger, it transforms into diseased energy which is not congruent to the body’s energy. Mind you, while all this is happening, you may not even know you have a health problem coming because even at some point, the energy is still able to flow through.

Over time, months maybe even years, as the build up collects enough strength, that route on the highway eventually turns into a dead end “no go zone” meaning when no vehicles (energy) can ply that route, it manifests in the body as….. pain.

Meaning quite unfortunately, the problem has arrived.

What do we do then – We see a doctor to help solve the problem using conventional medicine. Then we wonder

I reckon at this juncture, the blitz of information I just showered on you maybe hard to swallow especially if you’re new to all this. (Long time spiritualists are more likely to agree with me) That the body has energy around it and obstructions in the flow will manifest in the physical as pain/problem/disease.

But this is why Energy Healing works – Because it looks at the problem from the point energy itself. That is why you will hear/see/find patients suffering from a problem, e.g. Chronic Neck Pain, suddenly claim relieve even complete cure after just a few sessions on Energy Healing.

Where there is an imbalance in the body, energy modalities like Reiki or Pranic Healing is able to unblock, heal and clear it off. When that happens, the block causing the problem dissipates (eventually disappears) and there have you not, a healing so profound it might bring the father of medicine to tears.

I would like to state just in case anyone is thinking what I think you’re thinking, I’m not dissin modern medicine. Far from it, all form of medicine has a place and function in this society of ours. Its only when we place too much emphasis on one form of medicine over the alternatives that we don’t see the root cause of things.

I’m happy to note, more people are now changing to the alternative.

*Next time – I explore causes of the energy traffic jams, and speak on emotions as Psychosomatic.

PS to everyone: Gosh it feels good to post again.

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