Hi Folks

Hello folks, long time no see.

I know how trite that sounds, coming from me no less. Regular readers are aware of how I’m notoriously famed for delaying in posts, and this one is no different. I have to admit folks, when a writing dry spell hits you, there’s pretty much nothing you can do.

It’s been now almost six months since I put up the last one on the Law of Attraction. How time moved so fast is unfathomable. I never intended so not write this long, yet somehow it happened.

6 months of this year, gone so quickly almost like it never happened.

Still, as life goes, it wasn’t without its ups – I finally got do a dream of mine – and its downs – loss of a family member and relationship breakup.

Maybe someday I’ll explore all this, but for now, I plan to resume postings, albeit on a less hectic schedule.

Thank you who have continued to visit this blog. New post coming.

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    On July 9, 2008 at 4:07 AM Anonymous said...


    Sorry to hear but i do hope u start writting again. kind of miss it !


    Hi dear friend,
    It's my readers, like you, who make it worth it.

    To you for your comment and to everyone, thank you.