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I’m happy to note that my Pranic Healing classes has finally hit the Channeling topic. By that I actually mean learning how to tap into the Universal Energies then redirect them to the palms for a session. (bet you thought I meant channeling entities…but blah..I didn’t)

This is the cream of the entire 9 month course; the one I’ve waited for since day one – Moving the Energy.

In Pranic Healing, I’m thought to connect to the Universe or Maha-Prana first before I can, in a manner of speaking, begin to connect with the subtle Pranic Energies. For those who know, it’s connect then flow.

Connect to the Energies. And then flow it.

It’s standard modus operandi for all, where you’re taught to connect to the Energies/Universe/It because through them comes the healing.

But for the longest time, I’ve wondered just where “It” comes from; the healing energies. And it’s not just me who asks this question. People in general too, be them practitioners or non.

With the number of practitioners increasing, as a result the number of people having done a “session” also increasing, it is slowly moving to mainstream. I speak at least in Malaysian context. I know it’s achieved some degree of acceptance in US and England.

Which as conclusion means you’re bound to run into someone who’s going to say “I had a session with a (insert modality) practitioner. I’m completely healed now!”. The usual story of a persisting problem discharged by the hospital that disappeared after just a few sessions.

So, what really happens?

How does it work?

In Reiki, it’s connecting to spirits existing around us, in Pranic Healing it the Maha-Prana, The Reconnection the Universe and so on forth.

It’s a little tough to accept some of these explanations. And knowing me, I’d down right just laugh. ( I can’t help it.. :))

However, when you consider that people actually do get healed coming out of these sessions, there is something at work. Something moving, only we can’t see it.

Well, the answer to this comes from Dr. Eric Pearl, Stewart (originator?) of the well known The Reconnection modality.

After his healing ritual with a gypsy, he realized a mysterious ability to heal people without touching. In his quest for answers, he conducted one laboratory test that would shed some light on the nature of healing.

I reproduce this from his book, The Reconnection
“Back at the University of Arizona, under the direction of Dr. Gary Schwartz, research was now underway. We were conducting a number of experiments intended to impart further insight into the nature and scope of this work. One of these experiments involved measuring the level of gamma radiation in an enclosed room where we were working with the reconnective energy. Some of the researchers and participants had attended my seminar that weekend. When I told them, “Remember, you’re not sending, you receiving,” they didn’t what I meant.

“How do you get a healing from here to there if you don’t send it?” they asked.

I replied scientifically: “I don’t know.”

Typically, as the number of people and the amount of activity in a given enclosed space increases, so does the level of gamma radiation. The researches were trying to see if there was a measurable difference between the gamma radiation level in the room when we were bringing in the reconnective frequencies compared to what was present otherwise.

Later while the researchers were analyzing the data, I got a call from them. “Well you won’t believe this one,” they said. “ The gamma radiation detectors registered a significant drop in gamma levels” in the presence of the reconnective energies.

What they took that to mean – and this is a tentative hypothesis – is that while people are using reconnective energy, something is actually being absorbed. They’re receiving energy, not sending it.”

If it is in fact tentative, then it is also true from the teachings of healing that when you go in for a healing session, something is moving and there is something happening.

Which would mean, there’s a lot more to Energy Healing than meets the eye. When broken bones mend, then a healing is definitely taking place.

I have to say, for a Pranic Healer to be, that’s an enticing prospect.

This ends the entry at this time.

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