We are capable of so much love and empathy when we're united. Imagine if everyone lived like this everyday...

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    Hello ROK

    I'm a fairly new reader at your blog... Jumped here from
    Patricia's site. :)

    WOW... this just went right
    to my heart..
    How beautiful. !!!

    I ~echo~ your thoughts...

    "Imagine if everyone lived like this everyday"

    It's a National Anthem I will not
    soon forget.

    Thank you for the post...
    I've shared it to some military
    friends. :)))

    When we share messages such as this, we usually preface them
    with a tissue alert... I warned them to bring the whole box.!!!

    xo xo
    Deb Estep - Ohio USA
    Proud Air Force Mom - Vince
    Proud Air Force Mother in law - Dana


    Hi Deb,
    Before I respond, I would like to say how honored I am to have a Military Mom, yet alone a Military Personnel visit my blog. I am proud to have that honor.

    Indeed, I've always thought that humans are born with kindness. I guess this video really shows it that we do, just that we lose consciousness of it along the way.

    And thank you for sharing it with your friends. It's great that you like it.

    Cheers, have a great day.

    On December 1, 2007 at 10:17 AM Kim Robbins ~ Indiana USA~PAFM of Jerry, PM of Devon said...

    Hi ROK, I too am an AF Mom, I learned of your video through Deb! That was wonderfully touching and I am so glad she shared it with us. Thank you for sharing it on your blog. I hope you have a wonderful weekend:)

    On December 1, 2007 at 12:31 PM Albert | UrbanMonk.Net said...

    Found you from patricia's site. Great stuff, and loving the video. It gave me a good laugh (in a nice warm way), and so very touching too.

    Albert | UrbanMonk.Net
    Modern personal development, entwined with ancient spirituality.


    I teared up watching this. It was so beautiful and touching. Thanks for sharing it with all of us :-)


    Hi folks,
    sorry about the late reply. work as usual.

    Kim - Hi. To have one military mom visit my blog was an honour, but two? I'm humbled.

    Albert- Ok, I'm overwhelmed. One of spiritual blogging greatest stopped by. That's like receiving a grammy. Thank you for dropping by.

    Rhea - I'm happy to have shared the video with you. Just goes to show you, somewhere in all of us is a kind person. We just need to let him/her out.

    Thank you all for your kind comments and for stopping by. Do come back again. Better yet, subscribe.

    On December 13, 2007 at 10:06 PM Shira79 said...

    Wow, thank you so much for spreading this beautiful message.. It brought tears to my eyes.

    It was truly inspiring.. Consider it CPP'd!


    What a wonderful and beautiful gesture...