When blogging has its moments

If you’ve hit a dry spell in your blog, you know what, me too.

Over the weekend, one of my favourite Spiritual Bloggers, Vera Nadine posted about her blogging dry spell. But what caught my attention is how open and admissive her post about all of it being normal and part of having to be in this group we call Human.

I said before, I’ll say it again, hers is really blogging real estate.

This post struck a cord with me on the very simple fact that in the last few months, I my self have been going through a little dry spell. I’m not getting the shooting ideas every 5 minutes like I did while back.

Unlike Vera, I took it as a sign something was wrong with me. I don’t know about others, but when something *suddenly* stops the way my idea generation did, my Overthinking kicks into gear.

“What’s wrong? Why can’t I generate? Am I losing interest? What am I missing out?”

Oh God. How I’ve been battling this my life now. And had it not been for my counselor friend who taught me what overthinking really means, I don’t think I would have ever been able to handle this problem.

Which is what makes Vera’s post all the more compelling. It came just in the nick of time. I thought it was just me. Turns out, it wasn’t. (That didn’t come out right)

Damnit, I’m having a dry spell, and you know what, IT’S OKAY.

My brain needs a reboot anyway. And if it’s not happening for you, then yours needs one too.

Blogging can be great fun. It’s an outlet to which when you share, it’s nice to know someone is benefiting. That feeling is just over the top. But if the muses don’t strike you, relax.

Because blogging, like everything else, has its moments.

So if you’re a lil dry, try this - Go sleep. Don’t do anything because doing nothing gives space for the grey matter to stop overclocking and come down to 1st gear. If you want, read something totally brain-less like how to tie a neck tie.

If you’re really not getting it still, try Mind Mapping. Mind Maps can do wonders in making the creative juices start gushing. (I’ll cover that in an upcoming post)

Don’t worry if you’re not perfect.

Because who needs perfection. I’d rather be efficient.

PS to everyone: I say now, I will one day master the art of tying that damn tie.

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    River of Karma, every time I see your name, I think, what a great name. I am looking forward to your article on Mind Mapping. I have never heard of it before. It sounds like a great concept.

    On August 22, 2007 at 11:26 AM YogaJess said...

    Ah, a nice come back. Since you have a dry spell, this meme came in time for you. You've been tagged!


    Patricia - Thank you. I think that's the 1st time someone has complimented my name (if i remember correctly). I will post up on Mind Maps soon. Thanks again.

    Yogajess - Sorry I'm late. Will look into it. Thank you for the tag.