Putrajaya and Sleep : I need less of one and more of the other!

Anyone who’s popped by Drifts will have noticed that it’s been a rather dry week. No arguments there. The simple reason for this is – Work.

This last week has seen me go from absolutely free one minute, to running out the door the next. Almost literally I have to add. It’s just been a crazy week of different ups and downs.

For those in Malaysia, you would know what I mean when I say – Putrajaya.

For those not from, they’re called Government Departments. Ones that, if dealt with enough times, can be the source of unthinkable nightmares.

I would know. The near lost of important submittion documents (by them, not me) had me scrambling for tether to post. Not like it’s near to begin with. Distance wise, it’s an hours drive from Kuala Lumpur city to our second capital. Thankfully nothing untoward came about and all is good in the end.

Anyway, proper postings should resume next week.

I need rest. Government Depts; gotta love them.

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    Government departments...funny. Have you ever seen the Monty Python episode with the Ministry of Silly Walks?(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IqhlQfXUk7w)

    That is the only government department that I ever liked.

    But seriously, don't worry about your gap in posts. Life happens...we've all experienced that once or twice.