I think.........therefore......?

There is something to be said about maintaining a spiritual blog I once wrote in one of the posts – It aint easy.

I realize that now, though not fully.

I don’t quite get it, but for some reasons there just doesn’t seem to be many things I am able to blog about. Which is crazy because in the spiritual world, there is just so many things to write.

Afterall, isn’t spirituality a journey. The Spiritual journey as they say? Then there should be many more things to write about.

Which is perhaps the other side of the issue. Since taking up Pranic Healing and being involved in Healing/s, I slowly seeing that the higher I go in my journey, the more philosophical it’s becoming.

I mean this when I say how things related to one another, or how the concept of Form and Substance really does have some implication on how we perceive the world. Perhaps more interesting yet, when we get right down to it, the deeper we go, surely at some point we’re bound to come to a one single point from where everything is then built upon or created on. I mean we have molecules, then atoms, then God knows what...

See the philosophy behind all this? I wonder also if I have just written out a few suggestion for blogposts.

See my dilemma? Any wonder why this blog hasn’t been updated in a while.

I don’t know what to write on.

Which is what I said at the beginning of this post.

So anyway,for the New Year, while I get this mess cleared out and hopefully some ideas along the way, please now feel (very) free to email me any ideas you would like me to blog on. At least, something better than nothing right.

Send emails to – riverofkarma@gmail.com

Am I confused for some reason – Yes. Do I want to get back to some more serious blogging – Even more Yes.

Well then, lets.

PS to all : Happy New Year

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