Layout Changes

Many would have already noticed the layout changes here at Drifts. I got to say, I'm glad I finally took this blog theme. Been eyeing it for close to a year now; I just didn't want to do it because I'd have to lose my widgets.

Which I myself because I forgot to back it up. Let that be a lesson to all.

So while I restore some stuff, this blog is about 80% done. It's about ok.

Got to say; the blog looks more like how I envisioned it now.

River of Karma

PS to Sara : Have you gotten the mic yet? Hurry up woman. And tell K-ly to get hers too.

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    HI RoK,

    Ohhh I love the header picture on our site. It would be a favorite place of mine.

    The simplicity of your site brings me a peaceful feeling.

    xo xo


    The picture really ties up with your blog theme. Nice find.

    ....and thx 4 d add.


    I jumped on to the comment area to see if you commented back.....

    And l@@k at that typo I left...

    "Ohhh I love the header picture on our site."

    Meant to say.... 'your site'.

    xo xo


    thank you so much for stopping by my site. i'm feeling much better now


    Deb / Mystique Earth - Thanks for the compliments. Nice to finally get this theme.

    Jerine - Wish you better times ahead.