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There’s something to be said about running a blog- It requires dedication. Dedication of time, effort and especially, consistency. It’s by no means a simplification of the feat to maintain a blog. It just is what it is; running a blog aint easy.

What more; a spiritual blog.

Granted I’m not exactly the poster child for dedication in all the 3 abovementioned sectors, but in due course of the previous one year, I’ve learnt one criteria most crucial to spiritual blogging.

Unlike other forms of blogging, in spiritual blogging, you can’t talk about something unless you’ve gone through it.

That is a uniqueness about spirituality. It’s completely experiential.

And by manner of association, so is the act of spiritual blogging.

Why? I suppose because it’s only when it happens, when we’re faced in situations that test our principles, emotions, experience – our very being – that is where that *click* happens and there you have it, an experience.

Interestingly enough, I’ve also noticed, people change after this. Their perspectives or view of life opens up just a few more degrees affording them a different bird’s eye.

It’s experiential, this facet of our lives we choose to manifest as spirituality.

The bliss of meditation, the unity of being… total silence, the flexibility of yoga, the spontaneous healing of energy modalities. You just can’t diss them, or speak about them, until you’ve gone through them. The last one I’m getting to know more and more; Pranic Healing affords me direct experience of healing.

More than just that, its part of the reason why I’ve been away so long I think – To study. I suppose. I can’t think of no other. My spiritual path maybe?

Nevertheless, I do sincerely miss the luxury of blogging and now intent to resume more than just 8 posts in a year.

I assure you that my embarrassment on my post count last year that is a big one.

I hope it works out better this year. I’m going to try at least.

PS to all: Thank you for sticking by me.

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    Hey ROK,

    If I recall, I came to add your site to my Google home page after reading your comments awhile back on Patricia Singleton's Spiritual Journey of a Lightworker.

    It's good to see your message, but I would like to share a link with you....

    Blogging Without Obligation

    This has been a freeing concept for me in regard to the frequency of my blog posts. Be gentle with yourself in regards to last year
    and the number of posts you shared.

    I celebrate your journey, whether or not you post about it. :)



    ROK, I agree with Deb's comment. Sometimes we are just meant to live our lives rather than write about it. When the time is right, you will write. Until then, don't worry about it. When you do write, we are here to read and enjoy your words of inspiration and wisdom. Do what Spirit moves you to do. It is all in Divine order.


    As you say, spirituality is experiential. Each person has free will to explore different dimensions and depths of self-understanding.


    Hello Ladies,
    Welcome to the blog. Thank you so much for the comments. I was recovering from a bout of viral fever, hence the late reply. I tell you, you dont want to get one of those.

    Deb – Hi Deb, great to see you here again. Please feel free to drop by anytime. I read the link you gave, it was amazing. There’s a truth in that blog post; I think I get it now. I take the post numbers because I feel its my obligation to my readers who have remained loyal to me, like you. But after reading the post, I’m re-learning a few things.

    Patricia – What an honor to have you drop by. You’re welcomed anytime. I thank you for your kind words. You, as always, have a way of being loving thru your words.

    Liara – Thank you for dropping by. Please, let this be the first of many. Spirituality is experiential, indeed it is. All of us I think go through something different. Still, thanks for the words of encouragement.

    Thank you all again. Hope to see you soon.