2012 - Are we deluding ourselves?

About 3 years ago, I chanced upon a growing interest in the year “2012”. Back then, it was rather small and confined, but for some reason seem to elicit many a number of responses from spiritualist on the internet.

The idea was, should I say is, founded on the premise that the ancient Mayan civilization calendar which is thousands of years old and is supposed to be one of the most accurate in our present day world is coming to an end. A no brainer as that’s part of the function of calendars.

Only this calendar came with a caveat – When the calendar ends, so will our world.

Now, this was 3 years ago in 2005. Today in 2008, I have watched this movement steadily and exponentially gain strength. As you read this, its no longer confined to spiritual spheres; I’m seeing it being written in non-spiritual blogs.

It’s caught on like some new fancy fangled religion spreading from some hole, and now, there are people actually worried about the end of the world. I kid you not. Google 2012 and just watch “Doomsday”, “Mayan”, “End of world” drop that it has birthed, believe this, Books, Seminars, Talks and heck, even websites on how “To Survive 2012”.

Normally, I wouldn’t bother a secondd of my life with this. But with the momentum this is gaining, I now wonder seriously, are we deluding ourselves?

I have reservations about all this if for anything, it just sounds like another marketing hullabaloo. Oh yes, there are spiritual fads (to any non-spiritual reader) and in these days, there’s a ready stream of neophytes who will believe it.

This could just be another one of them. Here’s my contentions:

1) Interpretations:
This thousand year old (century maybe) is being interpreted 21st century style. This alone is a big chunk of my disagreement. We’re looking at what the Mayans did in say 51 bc and judging from our POV of today.

How are we so sure the mayans didn’t consider each calendar as a world with certain characteristics, and when this calendar comes to an end, so will this world? And a new one world will start the next day?

Thing is, there are no ancient Mayans to ask; so we’re banging it as we go.

2) What’s going to happen
No one can give a definitive answer. Or even for that matter, a same one. One says the Earth will end. Another, natural disaster. Yet another says its not physical but Universal energies will change still another, Energetic changes where those not of higher consciousness will be left behind.

Not withstanding another……See where this is going?

3) Another Y2K.
Remember the Y2K? Remember how doomsayers were going around spouting how computer time misalignment was going to plunge the world into chaos? To cause banking systems to lose our money? To return us to the stone age? To stock up on food n ration?

Remember how we fell for it?

Nothing happened and when Monday morning came, we all went about our business like….well…any other day.

With the amount of Lectures, Seminars, Books, Talks, yada yada that’s coming out about the 2012 end of world, it just has all the markings of another overblown inconsequential issue. If there is one in the first place.

Now I’m not telling you not to believe it; that’s your prerogative. But if you look at closely, something smells.

For anyone who is interested in Reading material – Click here.

PS to Everyone: I would love comments on this subjects.

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    On September 16, 2008 at 12:27 PM Anonymous said...

    doesn't it seem like everything is starting to gravitate towards failure...cantcha feel it, bigdog?

    On April 22, 2009 at 6:03 AM Anonymous said...

    get your facts straight. the mayans made their prophecies in the 1400's and 1500's