2 steps advice just in case you plan on becoming a vegetarian

Okay, so you’re at a point in your life where you’ve set your mind on giving the meat. Be it for your boyfriend/fiancée/husband, religion, animal love, PETA or whatever, you feel it’s time to cultivate that Green Tooth. Well, if you are then I would first like to “Congratulate” you.

You are now taking the first step towards a healthier lifestyle and Vegetarianism is the way to go; detractors be damned.

But like any “First Step” you make, make sure it’s an educated one. The last thing you want to do is jump into this with the right heart but the wrong method. The common, most used method would be to pull a “Cold Turkey” (I’m aware of the irony) and convert overnight.

Well, I have something to say about that, hence the point of the post.

This is such a wrong step because you’re body isn’t ready for the change. Going cold turkey on anything is just plain inefficient, and in this case, will leave you lethargic, tired, strong hunger pangs, and weak. (If only someone had told me all this when I first made the switch.)

Which is not the result you will want fresh into your plunge.

So as a Vegetarian myself, to avoid all the unwanted, this is my advice to you

First, decide which type of a Vegetarian you would like to be. Yes, there are more varieties other than just vegans and Vegetarians. They are:
1) Vegans – Vegetarians who don’t consume anything from animals – Milk, Honey, Eggs

2) Vegetarians – Well, Vegans who do consume anything animals (Get it?)

3) Lacto-Vegetarian – Vege’s who consume milk/dairy products but not eggs (E.g. Me)

4) Ovo-Vegetarians – Vege’s who consume eggs but not dairy products

5) Ovo-Lacto Vegetarians – Vege’s who don consume egg and dairy products. I’m not sure how they differ from standard issue Vegetarians.

Now you’ve made your decision starts the actual becoming process. It’s crucial to remember at this stage, chart your change for a 6 Months course.

It’s a bombshell, but I have an explanation, I promise.

In the switch from meat to vegetarian diet, your body will be working overtime to compensate for what is now the lack. Unless you’ve filled your daily palate with 6-7 different types of vegetables, you’ll be fine. However, chances are you’ll probably only have 3-4 the most at any 1 time. This is not really enough.

“Continuing where I left off” is a common misconception most people have about their body when turning vegetarian. You’re won’t. The physical body is now akin to unlearning (aka going back to 0), and then rebuilding itself.

Which means, the last thing you want to do is force your body to refuse a diet it wants while making it work extra hard to compensate without sufficient nutrients.

If I sound like all this is too complex, believe me it isn’t.

So what’s the best way to overcome this – Start one (full) day a week. Add one day a month for every month over 6 months. After half a year, you’ll be a vegetarian 6 days a week. At this juncture then make the move into full fledge Vegetarianism.

This way, you give your own body the time and space it needs to slowly and sequentially move away from a meat based diet. (With sufficient water and veggies to keep you going of course)

Why – because a mind that’s willing and a body that’s ready makes transition just so much easier.

And in this case, all the more healthier.

PS to everyone: This is not a sponsored post. It was proudly brought to you by me....

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    I didn't make a conscious decision to become a vegetarian. It was a gradual process. I gave up red meat because it didn't taste good anymore. I still ate chicken and turkey for 2 more years before they started not tasting good either. Finally, I quit eating chicken and turkey.

    I eat eggs, honey and cheese. I love cheese even though I am lactose intolerant. I take a Lactaid. I don't do other dairy that often. Milk and ice cream affect me differently than the cheese. I don't know why but I don't feel well when I do dairy other than the cheese. The cheese just starts mucus draining immediately but doesn't affect my stomach like milk and ice cream. I keep telling myself that I should stop eating cheese because of the sinus drainage. I love cheese. If it ever stops tasting good then I will stop eating it.

    I have been a vegetarian about 10 years now. I am thinking about taking that a step further and starting to add more raw foods. That will be a gradual process. Drastic measures are not good for the body. Gradual is always better. I am healthier being vegetarian.

    My husband is just the opposite and loves meat. Between the two of us we eat a balanced diet of meat and vegetables. He does one. I do the other.


    ohh, we share the same common reason. Meat stopped tasting nice.

    I admire that you're lactose intolerant but still power through anyway. Thats gutsy.

    And you Patricia, I'm nearing my 10 year mark (08) and as of the last few months, I've been feeling certain messages from my body on moving into a raw diet. But thats a problem in Malaysia where Vegetarianism only really started catching on in the last 5 years. Raw diet is challenging to come. I suppose i'll move into garden salads and see how it goes.


    Very Helpful Addition!
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