The Pranic Diaries – A Beginning

For the last few weeks since my hiatus, I’ve had a nagging voice from my gut to document my journey as a Pranic Healer To Be (I actually mean in training, but To Be sounded better. Cooler too). Anyone with sufficient experience on intuition aka messages from the Gut, will tell you that when you’ve been told to “Do it”, you’d better.

So I have. I'm calling this The Pranic Diaries. (Thankfully, no more nagging)

One interesting phenomenon I have come to observe about this industry is – The healing energies (any modality) will, at some point, bring about some degree of enlightenment for the Healer in course of his/hers training and/or healing. I'm not sure how (yet?), but hopefully that's something that will get answered in the course of my journey.

This column will be closely tied to the Energy Healing column I started awhile back which aims to highlight different modalities in the market. The difference being with the Diaries, I will be doing my exploration from an inside-out perspective, as opposed to the outer-in approach of the other column.

So to start things off, it would be best to start at the beginning. To that end, I thought I'd talk about Pranic Healing.

The term Pranic, I'm sure everyone is aware, is a verb of the word Prana. This is the latent healing energy inside all of us. Yoga practitioners and/or Instructors would feel right at home with this term as the aim of their yoga sessions is to activate the latent, dormant Pranic Energies in the body.

Pranic Healing originally taught by the ancient Hindu Tantra scriptures, is the conscious “at will” manipulation of this dormant energy (activated by then) to not only energize and heal ones selves, but others as well. Even over distances.

Scripturally, we are all said to be born with Prana in us. However, in the absence of a Tantra scripture for a deeper explanation at the time of this writing, I shall quote my Master in regards to a deeper understanding of healing via Prana "… a science or system which concentrates upon what is called Shakti, the energy principle. In tantra, it is said that in order to expand consciousness, we have to first awaken this energy to illuminate Shiva (consciousness)".

What’s a safe bet that whole illuminating consciousness is the answer to the enlightenmnet mystery above?

Outside India Prana is known by many other names – Bioplasmic Energy, Ki (Japanese), Mana (Persian) and more famously, Chi.

Just to note that Pranic Healing I speak of this is not the same as the Pranic Healing taught by the late Master Choa Kok Sui. Not entirely. Regarded as the modern founder of Pranic Healing, his version is modified somewhat to include other elements.

The origin of his teachings, mine as well, is the scriptures one and the same.

In a nutshell *there it is* as many would say. I begin my foray in the world of healers and universal energies. I can’t say for sure what lessons are ahead of me as I go on to unfold, but for certain I look to learn from them.

This ends the entry at this time.

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