To Joe the puppy - He came, greeted us and then left

I dedicate today post to a little puppy I lost recently. His name was Joe.

It’s interesting because Joe wasn’t mine. He belonged to a couple a few houses away. But there was something about that pup that made anyone fall in love with instantly.

He hardly ever barked, kept to himself and always just wanted to play catch.

I would see him every time because my path would have to go past him. Because of the fencing, all he would get is just my one finger. That alone became his chewing joy.

Things changed 2 days ago. When I saw him slumped on the steps, I knew. Something wasn’t right. And it wasn’t. Because of improper care, he was covered from ear to tail with inhabitants.

In hand with the owners, we labored. He left us early Tuesday morning.

I kinda miss that puppy. I always stopped for him. Had I known what lousy treatment he was getting, I’d have taken him in.

This isn’t the first. I lost my 12 year old dog in January. This is like a second time.

So to Joe, the little boy who came, greeted us and then quickly left.

I hope you’re having fun playing with God up there, because you brought me some.

Take care, hope to see you again.

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    :( gah, so sorry to hear about the pup, what idiot neighbor you have. It really pisses me off is when people want to own animals but do not know how to take care of them. {insert expletives here}.

    It's not the first time I see this in Malaysia. Majority still do not know how to care for their pets despite wanting to own them. {insert more expletives here}

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