By now, many people have come across, or heard about, the Documentary-Movie titled “The Secret”. Catchy name for a show, it outlines what is the Law of Attraction (which is the secret itself) and how everyone can use it to bring abundance in their life.

Bear with me on this one. There is a point to all this.

Released somewhere July ‘06, it features an army successful people who testify to its validity with evangelist like zeal. As such, the movie literally spread across the globe like wildfire. Oprah did two shows just explaining it.

It is that good. However, not many people buy into it.

Some claim it’s an old recipe, cooked differently. Others plain discard it as New Age nonsense. Considering that this is in part a New Age blog, I have to say, they have good reasons to disclaim it.

The Secret teaches that if you will for something, you send out magnetized vibrations to the Universe which in turn attracts that very thing you desire to you. So if you want more money, think about getting more and bam! comes you.

Not hard to see why there’s such resistance. Imagine the possibilities of just sitting down on your ass all day long and getting what you want moving in your direction without having to lift a finger. Life could not be easier.

Here in comes the point – Life can never be that easy.

There is no “free lunch” as they say and this is no different. Sitting on your ass hoping for the money to come will not having it knocking on your door. You’d sooner get bill collectors coming to take your furniture.

It’s easy to understand why if you watch The Secret that it in some ways pushes a lazy lifestyle. They never made it a point to emphasize that if you want something, you have to work at it.

Work hard in fact. Because again, nothing is for free. When you do it, do it with passion. Be passionate about what you want, then go out and fight for it. There is no substitute for hard work, and this is no difference.

You are what you believe and that is an important factor. Believe you’ve received more money. Believe it has already come to you. Imagine yourself holding the cheque as you feel the happiness. Believe firmly you have. Believe firmly it happened. Now go out and work for it.

And herein lays the claim of The Secret “…..and it will come!”

If you get the point above, then this howto will come naturally. One great tip from James Ray (a speaker in The Secret) is to go “3 for 3” – Thoughts, Feelings and Actions – all fired into one focus. The energy you feel from it will have the Universe moving to your feet.

Some are scoffing at this, I’m sure. But I say to you - Copernicus was persecuted severely for claiming the Earth revolved around the Sun. He was right, they were wrong. So don’t judge too fast what you think is wrong.

Whatever it is put all 3 into action. More money, car, guys/girls. Go ahead. And *when* you’re successful, make sure to always give some back to the needy, and come tell me about it.

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