The Spring from whence the River flows.....

Welcome everyone to the (un)official first post of my new blog.

Yes. For those who are aware, I am the River of Karma (or RoK as some love to call me) one and the same. Many will know me from my other commitment, which in true fashion will continue as its been.

This blog however, presents me the outlet for a more personalized expression. While there maybe some occasional similarities to that which some has come to know and love,

The place I get to record the never ending flow of thoughts in my head that often times results in sleep deprivation. The sometimes factual, sometimes not, sometimes spiritual, sometimes religious, sometimes caring, sometimes lunatic, sometimes new age, and other times just different. The drifts of someone who wants to share, learn and ultimately, have fun.

And that prospect excites me.

So as the small kinks are taken care of (thanks Peggy),I look forward to everyone stopping by. Come on in. Enjoy yourself as I hope you will. For The River of Karma flows from hereon forth.

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