SOUL Travel - A brief explanation

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For some, this topic may be a new, therefore surprising. For some
others, the concept of Soul Traveling isn't hot of the press. Commonly
known as Astral Traveling, many people in general will be shocked to
know this has existed for many a millennia.

So long as the feet of religion have walked the grounds of earth, the
teachings that we are capable to leave our physical body and astral

travel around anywhere followed suit. If you're religion has a
section and/or scripture explaining the soul, chances are it will
delve into astral traveling in one odd form or another.

What is it?

According to Wikipedia, "Astral projection (or astral travel) is an
interpretation of out-of-body experiences (OBEs) achieved either awake
or via lucid dreaming, deep meditation, or the use of psychotropics"

In plain simpleton English would translate into: Astral Projection is
state of mind/being you achieve when your consciousness merges with
your soul to which then you slowly begin your move away from the
physical body outwards.

How does it Happens?
Depending on whom you read, some will say your consciousness is
already part of the soul and you only need to be more aware of it,
others say you merge into the soul. Different schools, different

As you put into practice whichever method you find most appealing to
you (use your inner voice) – Books, tapes, videos, dvd's, meditation
etc etc – one of the first few signs to know you're on the right path
are lucid dreams.

A common diagnose in almost all modalities, after repetitious
practice, lucidity of dreams begin to increase. You become more aware
of the dreaming process, and of your dream. Some go as far as being
able to interact in dreams as it was actual life.

Slowly, the experiences become more acute and more real. This includes
hearing the sounds of clicks or bangs as your soul disengages from
physical body. A random Google search will return testimonials quoting
vividly the 5 senses and the ability to move with a mere thought.

Is the disconnection permanent?
No. This is where religion begin to provide the answers. The ancient
scriptures of the Hindu's, Greeks, Aztecs, Mayans all make reference
to a silver cord, or umbilical cord, that connects the physical Body to Soul. This
cord ensures easy return into body at any time.

Where do you go?
Again, depending on which school you follow, the answer is a varied one. some authors will have you only within the bounds of the physical realm – Land, Air, Mountains, Pyramids of Giza, Outer Space. Other schools believe into the whole causal space which refers to both physical and the astral realm.

Yet the subject of debate, the astral realm has many definitions. You get anything from:

  • All realms, including physical, are astral realms
  • Divided into Physical and Astral Realms
  • The astral Realm doesn’t exist, but is infact a long spectrum of Universal consciousness that we tune into like radio frequencies – The body doesn’t move, but the soul makes frequency jumps.
  • An almost heaven like place where only souls can go.
  • And finally, different dimensions – e.g. 3rd Dimension, 4th Dimension etc etc

Indeed, sometimes making sense of the different schools point of view can be nightmare enough.

What do I see?

You see everything as if you were on any occasion. In some rare instances, a meeting with a departed has been known to occur although these are hard to confirm.

What special training do I need?

Other than a will to achieve, and a desire to explore, possibly little else. Whichever medium you choose to learn from - Books, tapes, videos, dvd's, meditation
etc etc – instructions on taking off will be provided. No more are the days when humans are made to believe that only a select few people on camels have the unique skill of performing this.

However, it is important to keep in mind that results won’t arrive overnight. It takes persistent practice to fully understand and prepare yourself. There are no quick answers.

Where do I gain such information?

In Malaysia, it is more commonplace than initially thought. You can get material from:

- Bookstore: MPH Mid Valley, Bangsar Village 2

Borders Bookstore, Berjaya Times Square

(Note: There are too many books to suggest which is better)

- Website:
Free 9 weeks online seminar. At the end, students travel to a predetermined Astral location. Next intake begin on April 23 2007.

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