Second Earth Found - Hooray??

My usual routine surfing the internet first thing in the morning includes the unarguably well created news website, Google New. It's nice to be kept abreast of news formatted such that its pleasing to the eyes.

This morning I find myself shocked at the announcement of a possible second Earth like planet. You can read the news link here.

(Image rendering of the new planet. Taken from the Orlando Sentinel)

Why surprised you might ask?

Well, because I think that its not a good thing.

Some might be on the conclusion that this should be a great discovery, and from some perspectives, warranted so. For some. Not for me. I, for some reason, just really really think not.

No.1, the planet is said to be at a perfect condition that simulates Earth, meaning we can live in it. This also pushes the believe that therein might exist life outside this planet. You know what that means right - Alien enthusiasts are going overtime.

As humans, we have yet to find that unity among our kind. What more with a different kind? I know - That sentence was a leap of sorts. Just because we found a planet doesn't mean there's life in it. But if there is, how do you get along with another humanoid species when you can't even get along with your own?

Another ques - How do you introduce such a concept to a predominantly Christian world who view anything extraterrestrial as Heretic? (mind you, without the bloodshed)

Hypothetical Scenario - Assume we can't save this planet and need to leave. We've built a huge space ship to carry the people, animals and plants.

If we're starting a new world, whose religion would we bring? Whose "God" is kind enough to make the cut? Should we have a war to see the last one standing?

It's a hypothetical scenario. And I think I'm overthinking again. Who knows.

But lets hope a second Earth is more good news that bad.

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